BusinessCoach Inc. September 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

Business Coach September 2015 seminars

Do you want to start a business but still feeling like you’re not ready to handle it yet? Why not join a seminar or a workshop that will teach you how to start your business and manage it right? Are you already operating a business for several years but still can’t see … [Read more...]

10 Helpful Ways to Save Money while Job Hunting

saving money while job hunting

Whether you are a fresh graduate, just got fired or you quit your job for a personal reason, being unemployed is not a good status. So after a few days of rest, you would surely be itching to start searching for a new job. Unfortunately, looking for a job can be costly. From … [Read more...]

5 Things Business Owners Should Know about Facebook Users

Facebook and social media

Facebook has the largest number of users among all websites on the Internet. Billions of people are actively using the social networking giant every month. If utilized wisely, Facebook can help your business achieve its goals, such as reaching its target market, generating more … [Read more...]

BusinessCoach Inc. August 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

Business Training Business Coach

Dreaming to have a business is a good thing. After registering your company and complying with the different government agencies in the Philippines, you can already have a legitimate business that you can be proud of. But business is not all about having a business – business is … [Read more...]

How to Register with the BIR eFPS (eFiling and Payment System)

registering with the BIR eFPS

In line with the government’s policy of providing fast and convenient manner of transacting with government offices, the BIR being one of the government agencies with a very important role in nation building, conceptualized and introduced eFPS (eFiling and Payment System) in 2001 … [Read more...]