BusinessCoach Inc. August 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

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Dreaming to have a business is a good thing. After registering your company and complying with the different government agencies in the Philippines, you can already have a legitimate business that you can be proud of. But business is not all about having a business – business is … [Read more...]

How to Register with the BIR eFPS (eFiling and Payment System)

registering with the BIR eFPS

In line with the government’s policy of providing fast and convenient manner of transacting with government offices, the BIR being one of the government agencies with a very important role in nation building, conceptualized and introduced eFPS (eFiling and Payment System) in 2001 … [Read more...]

How to File Tax Returns Online in the Philippines

Online tax filing in the Philippines

Manual filing remains the traditional and most widespread method of submitting various tax returns for government revenue services in the Philippines. However, the tax environment is changing rapidly vis-à-vis the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT). As … [Read more...]

The Cost of Starting a Small Business in the Philippines

SEC Cebu Office

Are you planning to start a business in the Philippines? Are you wondering how much will it cost to register and start a small business in our country? Last year, I was able to register a small corporation, and I thought of sharing some of the information about the expenses I … [Read more...]

BusinessCoach Inc. July 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

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Do you want to start a solid business? Do you want your employees to be trained to increase productivity in your workplace? Do you like to enhance your own career as a manager, leader or executive officer? The best way to achieve such goals is to join a business or career … [Read more...]