BusinessCoach Inc. July 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

Do you want to start a solid business? Do you want your employees to be trained to increase productivity in your workplace? Do you like to enhance your own career as a manager, leader or executive officer? The best way to achieve such goals is to join a business or career … [Read more...]

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in the Philippines

Most of us are already living in the digital world. We spend a significant part of our life on the Internet searching Google for answers and connecting with our friends on Facebook. We connect to the Internet through our desktop computers and even through our mobile phones so we … [Read more...]

Why Businesses in the Philippines should Invest in SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of improving a website and all the elements connected to it in order to increase a brand's search engine visibility, organic search traffic, leads, and revenue. SEO has already been utilized by different businesses and … [Read more...]

BusinessCoach Inc. June 2015 Business Seminar Schedule

June is here! Students are going back to school. But education is not only for the children or for the young ones. Entrepreneurs, regardless of age, should also constantly learn new things, strategies, tactics and techniques to stay on the top of the competition. Aspiring … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Make Your New Business Successful

The first stage of doing business is probably the most difficult one, especially for entrepreneurs who don't have enough capital or fund to make their cash flow stable. It's already been six months when I started Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing agency in the Philippines. In … [Read more...]