10 Ways to Become a Motivational Leader

A motivational leader can unite any organization. He or she can inspire and move his or her employees to be more productive in their respective tasks. He can also influence customers to become loyal to his business, brand and products. Thus, if you want to succeed in business, management, marketing, and in any aspect of your life, you have to learn how to become a motivational leader. Here are 10 ways to power up your leadership skills and qualities.


1. Love yourself by knowing yourself

You cannot be a motivational leader, if you will not become a motivated person. Therefore, know thyself. You will know you by spending more time with yourself and practicing personal development. Spend enough time on meditation, reflection, realizing your mistakes, and planning for your personal growth.

2. Find your purpose in life

Your purpose in life is something that you will fight with all your strength and something you can die for. If you are currently afraid to die, then it means you have not yet found your purpose in life. When you found your purpose in life, you will be more excited, motivated, and will live to it with all your life. Leaders who have figured their purpose of living are more dedicated and more inspired than those who have not.

3. Increase your knowledge

Boost your knowledge of both the physical and spiritual existence. The more knowledge you will have the more power your mind will have. Remember that a person who knows more is more motivated than a person who knows less.

4. Make the right choices

Using all your knowledge, weigh all things and make the right choices. If you want to be a motivational leader, you have to be a person who knows what is right and what is wrong. Don’t play safe, but take the risk of choosing and be happy of what you choose. Remember that people who don’t make a choice can hardly move forward. Leaders have to move people forward. If you can’t even move yourself forward, then how can you move other people?

5. Experience your choices

Execute your choices. This is where you will justify them. The more you practice your choices, the more you will understand them. The more you will understand them, the more you will make better choices. Remember that to effectively motivate other persons, you have to teach them what you have already experienced.

6. Give power, not flower

Rather than flowery words and sweet promises that don’t come to reality, speak with wisdom and words that can truly help and transform the lives of people. Powerful words are not always sweet to hear. Some of them may hurt. But though they bring sufferings and hardships, they are the words that can really touch and move the lives of many people.

7. Be humble

Why do we need to be humble? A humble person tries to low himself to rise and uplift the people around him. In return, the people he lifted up will raise him in return to the height more than he expected. Humility is important because it comforts people. As a leader, it will comfort your followers. Humility is also a sign of courage to serve more and make more sacrifices. It takes strength to take away someone’s pride. That is why when you become a humble leader, you also become more motivating.

8. Be a light

Both in physical and spiritual aspects, light is always attractive. People will stay in a place where there is light, rather than in a dark place. They will also stay with a leader who always gives light or truth than a leader who is dishonest. Thus, make honesty your best policy as a leader.

9. Be persistent

Motivational leadership is all about transformation. People find a leader because they want change. They want to improve something in their lives or their life at all. And to ensure that change happens, there must be persistence in a leader. But how can someone become persistent? Well, you can’t be persistent, without backing up yourself with positivity, hopefulness, and patience.

10. Be consistent

A leader should unite and harmonize his people. But he can’t do that without uniting and harmonizing first all his personal qualities. This means that even if you are patient and diligent, if you are greedy and proud, your personality will be in conflict, as well as your leadership. Thus, you must possess qualities that exist in harmony. To ensure that, bind yourself with love.

Moreover, a leader should also be consistent in what he does and in what he will do in the future. Thus, you should have insight. Insight is the ability to see the future. It is achieved when you become consistent of what you are doing. It is gained when something has already become a great part of your life. If you will dedicate your whole life to serving others, then you can attain insight in leadership.


You cannot be a motivational leader without becoming a motivated leader. Thus, you have to invest enough time in finding yourself, knowing yourself, and loving yourself. That is the first test of leadership – self leadership. In leading yourself, you will develop principles, wisdom, experience, and understanding that will help you lead others. Finally, you have to be consistent in leading yourself and leading others, as well as in leading the present and in leading the future.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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