12 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Succeed in Life

Words can become swords that we can use to overcome any challenges in life. They can become powerful messages which can raise our momentum and lead us into constant actions. These influential words can be found on some of the world’s best and most famous motivational sayings and quotations. They give us the answers to our long-reigning questions, light to our darkest hours, and strength to our weakening bodies. We keep them like pieces of gold which become important parts of our everyday living. They might be profound to understand and too basic to apply. However, those quotations target our foundations in life, and the key to apply them is to start from within, that is, from our inner selves.

No matter what you do and what you are, we all need them to keep our hope, our faith and our deeds towards our goals in life. Thus, for keeping the motivation and inspiration of our readers, I have compiled some of the words of wisdom that inspire me in the past and continue to inspire me today and in the future. They key to understanding them is to practice and the secret to gain insight is to make that practice consistent.

Here are 12 inspirational quotes to help you achieve success in life.



Motivation should be daily
Motivation is not a one-time process, but it is a continuing process that everyone should always work for. If we are to motivate ourselves to achieve our goals, we need to do it everyday. Just like what Zig Ziglar said, motivation is like taking a bath everyday. If you want to stay clean and fresh everyday, you’ve got to bathe everyday. Remember that great success isn’t achieved overnight, but it is achieved through a series of productive days and nights. That is why you need to do your best to maintain not only your motivation, but also your passion and everything you need to achieve success.



Keep moving in life
In our journey to life, we will certainly face problems and challenges along our path. These problems may hurt and weaken us. They can also make us sad, hopeless and unable to continue on our fight for success. But as Einstein told us, life is like riding a bicycle. To keep our balance, we must keep moving. This only means that despite of the many troubles that we face in life, we must not give up. We should keep on pedaling so that we may not fall into total failure and destruction. We should keep on moving even at low speed just to keep our balance.



True courage
Courage isn’t only shown by displaying your strength and power. It is also shown by keeping and saving even the tiny pieces of you strength for the future. The bravest persons aren’t only those who can defeat their outside challengers and enemies, but also those who can overcome the challenges within themselves, such as defeating their foolishness and recklessness. Further, a courageous person knows how to preserve hope and even preserve his gentleness. Just like a great king, he doesn’t only rely on the sharpness of his sword, but he also uses a sword sheath to protect anyone from the sharp edge of that sword.



Work and don't worry
Worries will not bring us nearer to success. It will consume our time and our energy that we are supposed to use to work to attain our objectives. This quote has a great point. It is really nice to rest when we are tired, and sweet to sleep when we are sleepy. The saying encourages us to work our hands more rather than overworking our brain, worrying all day and night. This also reminds me of Nike’s slogan “Just do it!” Sometimes or most often, we need to stop overusing our brain, instead, we just need to act now. So if you want to lose weight, start running now – it doesn’t require a lot of thinking, isn’t it?



Hope and pray one more time

Hope is an important key to success. Hope fuels our patience, diligence and persistence, which are qualities that continuously moving us towards our goals. There are times that people will give up believing on you and you will find yourself alone on your journey. This situation is tough, but it should not mean you should also surrender. Remember that it’s you who has the final decision. It is also you who holds the final hope. Thus, you should not give up that hope while you are alive. There is always tomorrow. If we fail now, let us make this a great lesson to do better next time.



Quote about holding on to life
In life we experience happiness and sadness. In our past we have made failures and success. We have also tasted our greatest moments. But no matter how successful or how unfortunate we are in life, we should continue giving our best to it. It’s not only hopelessness and miseries that make people give up on life, success and overconfidence can also stop people from holding it right. Thus, we should guard our lives and hold on to it no matter what we feel or what we have.



Quote about confidence and preparation
Champions always have the level of confidence that give them victories. But this kind of confidence isn’t only achieved through assumptions. The confidence of a champion is achieved through strategic planning, hard training, and even practicing for perfection. Hence, if you want to have the heart of a champion, you should ensure that your mind and hands are supporting your heart. Remember that risks and our level of confidence can be measured. Thus, to assure success, you should learn how to calculate risks and the level of your confidence. You should also know how to measure your strength and track your improvements.



Quote about not wasting time
This quotation encourages us to not waste time. Time is really gold, and it is even more valuable than gold because time lost is never found again. We should keep on doing something that can make us better. If we need to work, we should work without hesitations. If we need to take a rest, we should take a rest without making alibis. In other words, we should always make use of time effectively. This also means we need to make efficient decisions so that we may not waste time on thinking or ignoring things that need attention. So if you haven’t started yet your task today, don’t wait a bell to ring – start working now. And if you think you’re already too exhausted and you practically need a rest, don’t wait for something bad to happen – take a rest. Resting will give your body cells the time to work and the time to recover.



Hard work for success
A maxim from an unknown author, its message is clear. Rather than having a dream, we should have a strong desire that will lead us to actually work hard for it. The quote differentiates those people who are stuck in their imaginations from those people who have already started to execute what they have imagined. Success begins from the mind, but it should continuously flow through your heart, and then through your hands which do the actions. The mind might have thought it, but it’s your heart that values it, and it’s your hands that actually perform it. And it shouldn’t even stop from your hands, but it should also continue to your soul. Success should not only become part of your limited actions, but it should be part of your entire life. That is why you should work hard for it.



showing up for success
If you’re too shy to show up, a large portion of your chance to succeed will instantly disappear. Doubts can warn us and may give us safety or security. However, we should not be too doubtful that we almost lose our confidence. As we discussed in quote #7, confidence is a result that we can process through preparation and training. If you aren’t sure you can do it, then train yourself until you achieve confidence. If 80% of success is showing up, showing up can be supported with 100% preparation and training. The remaining 20% we need to achieve success is simply our ability to stick to our plan.



A reason to die for and live for
If you need to power your hands and ways to ensure success, you should need to have a strong purpose. A great purpose gives us a great reason to value our goals. This great purpose will even make us willing to offer our life just to realize it. This is what makes people achieve extraordinary success. If you can give your life to what you do, you will be giving pure time and energy to do it. The result will be just awesome. And because you are working for your life, you will not lose hope as long as you are alive. Thus, when you choose your goals, make sure to choose those goals that you can die for. Think of the real heroes who can do extraordinary things. They are not actually super humans who have super powers, the just have super goals and super purposes in life.



A quote to being a successful human being
This quote has a deep meaning. It may even need to be written as a book to expound. But to explain it briefly, it only means that we do not become what we think, what we feel, or even what we do – but we become what we are consistently doing. That is why if you want to be a successful person, for example a successful businessman, you should not just think, feel or act for a while like a successful businessman, but you should act daily as a successful business person. Success is a combination of successful thoughts, principles, emotions, values, wills, single actions and series of actions. If you want to become a successful human being, make sure that you are always being a successful human. In a simple language, this means… keep up the good work!

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Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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    The quotes are not only inspirational but encourages the readers to think positive, move on, and enjoy what life has to bring. As long as we keep our feet on the ground success is just a stone throw away :)

    • Vic says

      Hi Joy,
      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, with the tough career and job we have chosen, we need these powerful messages to keep us on going. Congratulations to your blog and more power!

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      Hi Dexter. I’m honored to have you here. I’ve been a reader of your blog and have learned a lot from it. I also see that you’re one spiritual person, so I think we have in common. :)

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      Hi Jayson. I’m glad that you have loved those quotes. I visited the blog in your name, and noticed it’s still new. Feel free to come back here. We can talk all about blogging tips, which include making money online, SEO and Social Media Marketing. :)

    • Vic says

      Thanks Nad. It’s almost a week in the making. I had to explore all my original photos in my hard disk. Happy New Year too!

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    my favorite is that…

    “Winners won’t do different things, they do things differently”… it completely changed my life… it is said by shiv khera..

  3. stacie says

    wonderful post! These 12 inspirational quotes can help anyone achieve success in business and life. For example, the successful businessman, Yuri Mintskovsky also found inspiration in the words of the most powerful people like Rockefeller, Ford or JP Morgan. They gave him confidence to start a business and achieve what these great people had. Today, he successfully manages multi-million dollar IT projects. Anyway, thanks for this sharing, Vic! Keep up the good work!

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