12 Summer Business Ideas in the Philippines

The hottest days of the year are here again. Yes you’re right; it’s summer time once again! Many people are expected to pursue on their planned vacations and more people are staying at home rather than in schools. As for business enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, this sunny season (though there are scattered rains expected to drop across the country) can be a good opportunity to do business and serve the hot market with products and services that can chill people during the summer. If you are contemplating what are best business ideas in the Philippines for this summer, the following list of 12 business ideas might be worthy for your wise consideration.

1. Something cool to wear

The summer heat is in the air. People will go to the beaches, have long road trips, join street festivals or just stay at home while the heat is on. Thus, they would love to wear something that will cool their bodies and protect them from the burning temperature. Summer outfits will be on the boom. Light colored t-shirts, beach wears and accessories like sunglasses and hats will be in demand this season. If you have the talent in painting, you can also use that to paint summer theme designs on t-shirts for your customers. Sports and fitness activities will also rise in this period. Hence, sports and fitness wear will also become marketable in this time of the year.

2. Chill the tongue

Are you thirsty? During the summer, almost everybody complains about the heat and the thirst their mouths and throats feel. Did you get the idea? Yes, you’re right; go and sell the Filipino favorite Halohalo, Gulaman at Sago, fruit shake, fruit salad, ice-cream, ice buko, ice candies, energy drinks, soft drinks, cold bottled waters, or even just sell ice cubes. Everyone wants to get refreshment. If you want to sell something live and healthy, you can also try offering frozen yogurts to customers.

3. Let’s get physical

Summer is the best time to go into physical fitness and sports activities. The kids and the young students don’t have regular classes. Also, most employees are filing their vacation leaves during this season. Thus, most people will take this opportunity to build muscles, burn those extra fats and calories, shape their body and have a healthy living. The following businesses are expected to become popular:

a. Sports workshop (swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, et cetera)
b. Martial arts lessons
c. Fitness gyms
d. Sports gym
e. Private pool
f. Wall climbing
g. Sports equipment rental and other business ideas related to sports and fitness

4. The dream vacation

This is what workers, employees and students are longing for – summer vacation! After the hard works and stress experienced by workers in accomplishing their jobs in the office, and after the long hours spent by students in studying the lessons required in the schools by their professors, they need to take a break. They want to take a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. As a consequence, the following businesses and establishments will surely reach their peak.

a. Beaches and resorts
b. Swimming accessories for adults
c. Swimming toys and accessories for kids (swim jackets, swim rings, googles, water guns, etc.,)
d. Hotels, inns, pension and lodging houses
e. Tour packages
f. Vans for hire
g. Airlines
h. Bags and luggage
i. Restaurants and night clubs
j. Boats, jet ski and other water amenities rental

5. Honing the talents and advancing the knowledge

While most people are enjoying their vacations in the beaches and visiting different places, other people will choose to sharpen more their brains and talents. They don’t seem to stop from studying and taking opportunities to further develop their education and skills. They are craving for more when it comes to advancing their learning. Thus, specialized education will still flourish this summer. Take note of the following business ideas:

a. Tutorials on specialized subjects (e.g., Math and English)
b. Dancing and music lessons
d. Various trainings and seminars
e. Talent workshops
f. School preparation courses for toddlers
g. and other summer courses

6. Getting in touch

When classmates are not gathering in schools, and when officemates are not meeting in the workplace, we know that it’s the summer break. We also know that people need to keep in touch with each other. Therefore, a business that will make them stay connected can be viable. People’s cellphones will require a higher demand of loads to call and send text messages to their friends whom they will not see during the period. Moreover, many people will also prefer to keep in touch with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Well, with a bunch of summer photos to upload, everybody will crave for an Internet connection to upload those photos in the most popular social network Facebook. If you’re an entrepreneur, loading business and internet café can be your top choices this summer.

7. The home buddies

Although most people will go for outdoor activities, most of them will still chill and relax at their home. Other people will even stay at home for the whole summer. Unless students will have their summer classes, they will be enjoying the summer days without the culprit of school assignments. Thus, there are plenty of times to watch movies, listen to our favorite songs and read books or novels we don’t usually read during the working days. Have you already guessed the ideas in my mind? Yes, why not sell or lease original DVDs, books and novels? Filipinos love movie marathon and story reading, especially when there is no tasks to do for tomorrow.

8. Time to go natural and green

The Earth is warming; our planet needs to be green. If you want to save our environment and at the same time earn money, you can start a green business during the summer. We’ve got to act now and do something that will help our planet and the next generation. We can start the following business ideas:

a. Recycling business
b. Farming
c. Landscaping and gardening

9. Cleaning, fixing and constructing our home

If we are about to save the world, we can start saving our home. Summer may become the best time to clean, fix and even construct our home. It’s really uncomfortable to fix and construct houses when it’s rainy days. Hence, we can take the opportunity to fix and construct houses while the sun is shining brightly. These businesses have brighter pictures during the sunny days:

a. Home cleaning services
b. Home painting
c. Construction
d. Interior design

10. It’s all about food

Aside from the crystal clear water of the seas, the adventure trips and the pleasure of relaxation during the summer, this season is also popular for fiestas and food festivals. In my home province, the month of May has the most barangay fiestas among the months of the year. Furthermore, most family and school reunions are also celebrated during the months of April and May. Consequently, the food (pork lechon and lechon manok) and catering business are on the boom. Event organizing is also a practical business during this season.

11. Let’s take a skin and facial care

Sunburns, oily skin, summer acne and dark skin can be the drawbacks of enjoying too much on the beaches. Thus, products, such as sun block lotion, moisturizers and whitening lotion are in demand. Moreover, most people will take the summer and the beach activities as the moment to show off their skin. They want their skin to look beautiful under the sun, with their favorite swimsuits and other summer outfits. They will go to derma clinics, seek the help of dermatologists, and buy skin care products.

12. Remembering the moments

Last but not the least; the fun moments of the summer should be cherished. The adventure we’ve taken, the beautiful places we’ve visited and the special people we’ve met, we’ve got to keep and preserve them in an exceptional way. So we seek on the following products and services:

a. Camera and photography
b. Video coverage, editing and other video services
c. Photo editing
d. Summer and tourist’s souvenir items

Now choose the best summer business idea or ideas for you to start. Just remember that it’s wise to choose the business where you are most passionate and skilled in running it. For other business ideas, you may also try to read the following:

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We’ll be publishing more business ideas in the future. So keep in touch and thank you for reading.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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