14 Tips to Become a Hardworking Person

hardworkingYou’ve heard about it all the times. It’s always one of the common answers that successful people will tell you if you will ask them the secrets to their success to life. Hard work is one of the most essential qualities of a successful person. A business person, a professional, an employee, a mother, a father, a teacher, a student, whatever you do in life, you’ve got to be hardworking to achieve your goals. However, several people are ignoring this quality because being hardworking seems to be self-explanatory. But things which are self-explanatory are often the most unexplained things in this world. Well, our selves are complicated, right? Hence, we need to invest more time, energy, and dedication to really become diligent and hardworking. We should not ignore this thing, but take it seriously and deeply to achieve success in life. The following are 14 tips that will help us become a hardworking person.

1. Choose the right work

The right work doesn’t mean the work you like, but it means the work that you will love for real. It is the work that you will stand and fight for until you accomplish it. It is the kind of job that you know for sure you can finish it no matter how hard it is. Thus, learn to choose the right work, as well as reject or say no to the wrong work.

2. Have purpose

It’s not only about your passion, but also about your purpose. Passion is good, but a great purpose is better. Therefore, always define your purpose before you start to work. Your purpose will determine your destination. Remember, that direction is nothing without a good destination. Hence, don’t just move with your excitement and full enthusiasm, but also understand where you are heading. To be a hardworking person, you must have a hard or tough purpose.

3. Be motivated daily

Motivation is what will keep you on working. So if you want to become a hardworking person, you’ve got to have a strong and relentless motivation. You need to motivate yourself not only once, but everyday. Take note that diligence or hard work is a habit. Therefore, it must be practiced continuously. If you don’t have a daily motivation to do your work, then how can you become hardworking?

4. Increase your knowledge

Knowledge is power, and you need power to keep working. Hence, depending on the job or task you choose, grow your knowledge. Read more, listen more, watch more, and learn more. If your work is about marketing, then amplify your knowledge about marketing. Don’t just stand there and wait for a brilliant marketing idea to pop out from your mind. Reading and knowing more will help you become more hardworking.

5. Increase your understanding

If knowledge is power, understanding is the right usage of that power. If you are asking how to gain understanding, the answer is simple – practice what you know. The new things you learn from books, videos, and from real people… execute them and let them be a part of your experience. A person who has more experience tends to become more diligent than the person who has less experience.

6. Increase your insight

If knowledge is power and understanding is the right usage of that power, then insight is the assurance of that power. And how can you gain insight? To have insight is to continuously practice those knowledge and understanding until they become a part of your life. If you’re a businessman who wants to gain business insights, read business books, practice what you read, and then continue to practice them until you can see a good future – that is insight. If you have insight, and if you can see a good future, you will certainly do more hard work today.

7. Eat the right food

Work is significantly physical. Even if your job is all about thinking, it still affects your body and brain. Your diet will surely affect your work. Therefore, eat healthy foods that can reduce stress and can keep your body fit to be hardworking.

8. Exercise regularly

Workout will not only give you a beautiful body, but will also get you in shape to do your work efficiently and effectively. Getting in shape requires discipline and yes… hard work. Thus, it is a better way to be healthy and also a better way to learn how to become a hardworking person.

9. Focus

Without distractions, you can give your pure energy to your work. Therefore, find a way to avoid those distractions. Learn how to resist. Learn how to concentrate. Focus is also one thing that is hard to achieve. Thus, if you experience a failure in your focus, don’t immediately be disappointed. Instead, do your best to refocus. Focus is also a habit that needs more refocusing to be achieved.

10. Take the 3Ps to hard work

Take the three Ps to had work, namely, pressure, patience and positivity. Never underestimate your work and take it slightly. But learn how to put the right pressure on it. Often, we become hardworking when we are put under pressure, right? If we will have the right amount of pressure and we will also put patience and positivity on it, hard work becomes simpler to achieve.

11. Have a coach

If you notice, athletes are more hardworking than ordinary persons. The difference simply lies on their coach. Champions have great coaches. Therefore, look for someone to coach you and teach you how to be more diligent. If you’re a business person, then find a business coach.

12. Take a break

After a hard work and you feel tired, take a rest. And when you feel sleepy, sleep well. Taking a break is also a task that your own body is asking you. Therefore don’t ignore it. Your body knows what’s best for you. When you rest, you give your body the time to repair itself from the damage you get while on the work. It repairs your damaged cells and replaces dead cells with new and stronger ones. Hence, it will make you stronger and more hardworking than ever. So after a hard day at work, reward yourself with a good night’s sleep.

13. Be humble and responsible

If you have nothing to boast, you work for more. Therefore, don’t be arrogant, but be humble. Whether you are rich or poor, and whether you are up or down, don’t be lazy and neglect your responsibilities. Remember that diligence comes when there is humility and responsibility.

14. Share your earnings

Hard work pays off. It pays money, honor and other blessings. If you will share your blessings to other people, you will see more people smiling and thanking at you. Their happiness and gratitude will give you more strength and power to work harder. Therefore, be kind and generous. Share the fruits of your hard work. It will make you stronger, more hardworking and more fruitful.

Remember that hard work needs hard work. Hence, work yourself to become a hardworking person. It is a habit that needs consistent practice. It’s a constant battle you must win against indolence and negligence. Therefore, you must always have with you all the weapons you can use to win your battle. Use the weapons listed above and win!

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. says

    Victorino sets out a good plan for success with his 14 suggestions!

    I especially like his three Increase points: knowledge, understanding and insight!

    Next I congratulate him for his advice about eating the right food and exercising
    regularly … sitting at a computer desk all day will numb your brain as well as
    your ‘derriere’

    I try to get up and do some kind of exercise every two hours for about 10 minutes.

    Thank you for a good article Victorino!


    • says

      Thanks a bunch Fran for appreciating my post. I’m also glad to hear your experience. You are right, we need to also consider exercise as one of the most important work that we should not forget. In my case, I invest some dime for the gym. It’s kind of costly, but a good health is always a great investment.

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