18 Things Employees Want from their Employers

Meeting room for employees and employerEmployees are considered the best assets of your business because they are the ones who are responsible for the production of your products or the performance of your services. Without them, there is almost nothing for you to offer to your customers to make a revenue or sale. That is why you have to do your best to keep them and make them stay in your company. Whether you have a large or a few numbers of workers, you have to consider the following 18 things employees want from their employers.


1. Economic development

Employees don’t just need money, but they need the amount of money that could improve their personal finance. In other words, they need competitive compensation that can solve their debt and other financial problems. So they also want some generosity.


2. Trust

Trust is a vital key to flourish an employee-employer relationship. Your employees want you to trust them and give them the opportunity to earn empowerment.


3. Reliability

As a leader or as a manager, they want you to be reliable, capable, and accountable. Employees want you to be trustworthy because they also want to trust you.


4. Safety

Workers want a safe, hazard-free, and a comfortable working zone. Who do not want that? They want to work effectively, efficiently, and smoothly to finish their job on time and based on target.


5. Career growth

Employees want professional development. They want meaningful work experiences. They want to join professional seminars and training to enhance their talents and skills. They want you to be concerned about their dreams and brighter future.


6. Justice

Employees want fairness. They hate to be blamed and be punished when they are innocent. They do not also want people to enjoy rewards and incentives if they don’t deserve them. Employees want justice. Reward or blame, they want it to be given to the deserving or to the responsible person.


7. Respect

They want their employers and managers to show respect, whether it’s a respect about their femininity (for female employees), about their manhood (for male employees), or about their privacy. They don’t need every respect in the world, they just need due respect.


8. Help

Workers want a boss who is ready to help them when they are in need. They want an employer who will not leave them in times of troubles. They want a leader who has a helping hand. They want a leader who can be their friend and ally when they are fighting for righteousness.


9. Team work

Workers want to build teamwork for many reasons, such as making their work easier and faster. Teamwork also boosts the essence of friendship and camaraderie in an organization. Thus, they want you as a leader, to lead them effectively and start building teamwork for them.


10. Recognition

Employees want their employers to recognize all the dedication and hard work they’ve done for their jobs. They want recognition that do not only include annual or occasional plaque of appreciation, trophies, and cash rewards, but also include simple recognition, such as a simple thank you or thumbs up for the good job they do regularly.


11. Honor

Employees want to work in honor and integrity. They want to have clean conscience and they want to have good night’s sleep. They don’t want to be involved in unethical and illegal doings. Thus, they want employers and their companies to do honorable business.


12. Fun

In this world full of pain and sorrows, who do not want to have joy and fun? Employees want to enjoy their jobs, their co-workers, and their relationship with employers. They want happy moments with their employers and with their employment. They love corporate outings, team-building events, and other jolly but productive activities.


13. Challenge

Employees want to grow more, professionally, emotionally, mentally, and personally. They don’t want to be bored. They want challenging jobs. They want to be assigned to tasks that can test their abilities and push them to the limit.


14. Good leadership

Employees want a captain who will guide them to the right direction and will lead the organization to achieving its organizational goals. They want the right leader to follow. They want a leader who will set himself or herself as a good example among his or her followers. They want you to inspire them.


15. Honesty

Lies could break people’s hearts, as well as workers’ hearts. Employees need someone who can deliver his or her promises. They don’t want employers who are deceiving and fooling them around.


16. Attention

Employees want their voice to be heard. They want their employers to not only pay them money for wages, but also pay them time and attention. Bosses are busy, but if employees could only wish, they would wish their bosses to stop making too much money for a while so that they can start spending time to check the needs of their employees.


17. Actions

Employees don’t just want an employer, manager, or boss who gives them attention to listen and to make a promise to help them, but they want someone who will also act based on what he or she has listened from them. In other words, they don’t just want attention, but they also want to see solutions and to witness actions.


18. Consistency

Finally, employees want their employers to have consistent good actions.


Final thoughts

Office machines and equipment help businesses operate efficiently and effectively. But in order for them to work accordingly, the users of these technological beings have to satisfy their needs and requirements, such as power, ventilation, protective gear, repair, maintenance, and other specific needs. Now, if we have to satisfy the needs of these machines, then how much more the needs of our employees, who are human beings?


Image credit: Meeting Room By lrargerich at Flickr

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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    This may sound cliche – your article is awesome. I can totally relate to this as I was once an employee myself. I’m following you on twitter.

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