BIR Annual Registration Fee Deadline

Jan 18, 2013 by at Tax Tips

BIR Annual Registration Fee Deadline

When is the deadline for paying our BIR annual registration fee? The BIR annual registration fee, using BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form) should be filed and paid upon registration of your new business and on or before January 31 of every year for renewals. In other words, the BIR registration fee of P500 is not only paid once during the time you register your business, but it is paid every year on or before January 31 of every year.

This is just a reminder because there are still some business owners and professionals who think that the P500 BIR registration fee is only paid once and they might forget to pay it annually. Hence, don’t forget to file BIR Form 0605 and pay your annual registration fee for this year on or before January 31 of same year. For example, for the taxable year 2013, you should pay your annual registration fee on or before January 31, 2013. Furthermore, you should also file and pay annual registration fee for each of your registered business, in case you have several businesses registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

To file and pay your BIR Annual registration fee of P500 for each of your registered business, you can download BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form) here and accomplish it accordingly. The form should be filed and the tax should be paid at any Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) under the jurisdiction of the Revenue District Office (RDO) where the taxpayer is required to register or conducting business. For places where there are no AABs, the registration fee should be filed and paid directly with the Revenue Collection Officer or duly Authorized City/Municipal Treasurer of the RDO where the business is located.

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  1. Abigail

    Is the annual registration of 500 is the only thing i have to process for the renewal fir BIR

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