Business Ideas in the Philippines

If you’re looking for lists of business ideas in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place. We strive to brainstorm, write, publish and share various business ideas for your wise consideration. We believe on the talents, skills, creativity and passion of Filipinos in doing business, whether it’s small, medium or large. Thus, we give our dedication and support to help them achieve their business and entrepreneurial success. The following articles will guide you to different ideas and initiatives you can use to come up with the best business idea to start.


10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

This article lists 10 small business ideas which require small amount of starting capital. These small businesses can be run on a part-time basis, and can be done by employed persons in their free time to earn extra income, by moms who want to work at home, by college students who want to make extra cash, and by any persons who want to start a business of their own. Although these businesses are considered small, they can be your gateway to becoming your own boss and even open a door to a bigger business. Read the whole article here…


List of Online Business Ideas

There are 32 online or internet-based business ideas listed in this article. If you‘re a techy person, has a computer and a reliable internet connection, then making money online may be the best business for you. Most online businesses, such as blogging, affiliate marketing and content writing also require low capital and initial investment. Some of them can even be started without investing any dime, though I recommend investing some amount of money to make your online biz looks more professional (e.g., investing in a custom domain name  and web hosting for your blog or website). What makes an online business great is the fact that you can do it right at your fingertips, which you can do at home or anywhere, while earning dollars. See the full list here…


51 Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

This article contains 51 home-based and work-at-home business ideas a Filipino can start in the Philippines. The list includes online and offline business ideas. It also contains traditional Filipino businesses and some ideas to cater our ever evolving market. Home-based businesses are usually low-capital ventures which can be run either on a full-time or on a part-time basis. This type of businesses are also good for entrepreneurs who want to have a more flexible time, such as moms who want to spend more time with their children at home. Check out all the 51 home-based business ideas here…


12 Summer Business Ideas in the Philippines

When summer time is here and it’s almost sunny day every day, these 12 summer business ideas can give your opportunities to earn more profit this season. Business persons and promising entrepreneurs also need to become adaptable to the changing seasons of our land. Summer is fun, and it should also be fun and exciting to enjoy the season while making some profits for living. Start chilling out people during summer by providing them with cool products and services. Learn the 12 summer business ideas here…


Business Ideas and Trends for the Future

A wise and successful business person knows how to predict the future. This article will take you to the future of business by giving you the trends of industries that will boom in the following months and years. Learn how the business world will react on the rising technology, medical breakthrough, further scientific discoveries, climate change, and our growing concern on a safer, cleaner and better world to live. Read the 22 business ideas and trends for the future here…

The articles and resources above are only the beginning of our effort to guide entrepreneurs in their business conception and startup. We will strive to search and share more great business ideas (small, medium, large, online, offline, home-based, futuristic, etc.,) for the success of our enthusiastic readers. Finally, always remember that the best business to start is one which you will not quit in the future.

Update: I’ve published a new list of 100 business ideas for 2013. Check it out and enjoy!

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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