BusinessCoach Inc. May 2013 Business Seminar Schedule

Coffee shop business training

The picture above shows the actual training on starting a Coffee Shop Business provided by BusinessCoach, Inc. last month. This training is only one of the several quality business training provided by them every month to aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who want to start their business the right and successful way. Every month, BusinessCoach serves quality training and seminar on business and entrepreneurship, particularly on starting a business in different industries, like how to start a restaurant, meat shop, party needs business, travel agency, money changer, pawnshop, real estate business, flower shop, and others. They also provide training for career growth, such as human resource management, personality development, logistic management, and business processing training.

If you want to start, operate and manage your business with the right knowledge and skills, check your calendar now and join BusinessCoach’ training programs this coming month of May. The following are their list of seminar and training schedules for the month of May 2013:

Food Business
Starting a Meat Shop – May 16
Catering Business – May 4
Canteen Concessionaire – May 25
Starting a Restaurant – May 18
Starting a Coffee Shop – May 6
Starting a Food Cart – May 7

Events Business
Balloon and Party Needs Business – May 30
Balloon and Party Needs Business (Advanced) – May 15
Wedding Planner – May 30
Events Management – May 10

Health and Wellness
Starting a Drugstore Business – May 24
Starting a Spa Business – May 23

Money Business
Money Changer Business – May 10
Pawnshop Business – May 11
Micro-Lending Business – May 29
Stock Market 101 – May 22

Real Estate
Property Rental – May 14
Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties – May 7
Building and Property Management – May 25
Real Estate Marketing – May 21

Arts and Crafts
Starting a Flower Shop – May 9
Beaded Jewelry Making – May 3

Starting a Printing Press – May 16
Manpower Services – May 18
Starting a Travel Agency – May 6/ May 20
Laundry Shop Business – May 24
Water Refilling Business – May 23
Junkshop and Scrap Trading – May 4
Starting a Corporate Giveaways and Souvenir Items – May 20
Starting a Silkscreen Business – May 2
Starting a Preschool Center – May 28
Starting a Petshop Business – May 6
Starting a Tutorial Center – May 30

Human Resource Management and Training
Human Resource Management – May 27
Leadership Training – May 14
Competitive Selling Training – May 9
Personality Development – May 15
Basic Supervisory Skills – May 18
How to Implement 5S – May 20
Training the Trainers – May 28
Computing Salary – May 25
Business Writing – May 8
Project Management – May 3
How to Close a Sale – May 29
Customer Service – May 21
Negotiation and Assertiveness Training – May 31
Salary Structure – May 3
Advanced Supervisory Skills – May 4
Presentation Skills Training – May 7
Conducting Interviews, Recruitment and Selection Process – May 11
Records and Filing Management – May 14
Training for Receptionists – May 16
How to Make a Newsletter – May 15

Purchasing Management – May 10
Warehouse and Inventory Management – May 17
Kaizen Training – May 6
Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport – May 11
Supply Chain Management – May 23-24

Business Process
Internet Marketing – May 8
Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountant – May 21-22
Business Taxation – May 8-9
Collection Management – May 27
Internal Control and Auditing – May 31
Financial Statement Analysis – May 17
Plan and Start a Business – May 22
Current Good Manufacturing Practices – May 27

To check the overview and key topics of each seminar above, please visit BusinessCoach list of Seminars page. You may also visit their Facebook Page to check some of their seminar photos.

Remember that there are limited slots only. So Call 727-5628/727-8860/496-6949 now for seminar fee, reservation and other details. Schedule may change without prior notice. Visit their website at


This post is a sponsored post from our media partner BusinessCoach, Inc.

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