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Business Coach PhilippinesHalloween is here, and that means the end of October and the beginning of November. If you have missed the business training and seminars provided by BusinessCoach, Inc. in October, you don’t have to worry because you can still get the opportunity to learn and develop yourself or to train your personnel and grow your business organization this coming November.

If you are planning to start a business for 2013 or even for this coming December, BusinessCoach offers a variety of business startup training for you, such as starting a restaurant, coffee shop, meat shop, drugstore, pawnshop, real estate business, and other businesses you may want to learn.

They also provide professional and personal development training, like human resource management training, leadership training, Internet marketing seminars, and other personal and career enhancement training.

So treat yourself and your employees to attend and experience valuable entrepreneurial and professional training offered by BusinessCoach, Inc. The following is the list of their schedules of seminars for the month of November 2012:

BusinessCoach Inc.

Food Business
Starting a Meat Shop – November 9
Catering Business – November 10
Canteen Concessionaire – November 24
Starting a Restaurant – November 17
Starting a Coffee Shop – November 19
Starting a Foodcart – November 8

Events Business
Balloon and Party Needs Business – November 13
Wedding Planner – December 19
Events Management – November 23

Health and Wellness
How to Start a Drugstore – November 28
Starting a Spa Business – November 26

Money Business
Stock Analysis – November 15
Money Changer Business – November 22
Pawnshop Business – November 23
Micro-Lending Business – November 29

Real Estate
Property Rental – November 13
Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties – November 6
Building and Property Management – November 24
Real Estate Marketing – November 29

Arts and Crafts
Gift Wrapping, Gift Basket and Ribbon Making – November 5
Elegant Beaded Jewelry – November 12
Starting a Flower Shop Business – November 21
Bookbinding Procedures and Techniques – November 26

Starting a Printing Press – November 15
Manpower Services – November 10
Starting a Travel Agency – November 9
Laundry Shop Business – November 13
School and Office Supplies Store – November 16
Starting a Pre-school – November 20
Starting a Pet Shop – November 5
Water Refilling Business – November 22
Tutorial Center – November 29
Janitorial Services – November 17
Junkshop and Scrap Trading – November 17
Starting a Corporate Giveaways and Souvenir Items – November 15
Starting a Silkscreen Business – November 19

Human Resource Management and Training
Human Resource Management – November 16
Leadership Training – November 12
Competitive Selling Training – November 5
Personality Development – November 6
Basic Supervisory Skills – November 17
Advanced Supervisory Skills – November 10
How to Implement 5S – November 26
Training the Trainers – November 20
Computing Salary – November 24
Customer Service – November 19
Business Writing – November 7
Project Management Fundamentals – November 19
Training for Receptionists – November 7
Presentation Skills – November 6
Salary Structure – November 8
Records and Filing Management – November 14
How to make a Newsletter – November 27

Purchasing Management – November 9
Warehouse and Inventory Management – November 16
Supply Chain Management – November 22-23
Production and Operations Management – November 14
Advanced Logistics – December 1

Business Process
How to Import – November 14-15
How to Export – November 21
Internet Marketing – November 7
Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants – November 27-28
Business Taxation Made Easy – November 20-21
Collection Management – November 12
Internal Control and Auditing – November 10
Statistical Quality Control – November 27
Plan and Start a Business – November 8
Current Good Manufacturing Practices – November 28

Please Call 727-5628/727-8860/496-6949 or email for inquiries and more details. Visit their website at


This post is a sponsored post from our media partner BusinessCoach, Inc.

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