How to Bring Good Luck to Your Business: 12 Lucky Things

business prosperityI will not tell you to be hardworking to bring good luck to your business or life. Hard work brings results and earnings, but luck is something we don’t really earn. Luck is something that we are not even worthy to have it. It is something that comes to us without expecting it. We could even experience luck at times that we are expecting tragedy or the consequence of our mistakes.

Good luck is like a grace from heaven – it is more than a blessing. We earn a blessing equivalent to our good doing, but we earn grace even more than what we deserve. For example, if you’re a worker whose salary is $3,000 per month, and you did a great job in that month – you will earn $3,000 (this is your profit or blessing, or the result of your hard work). Now if your boss is generous and will give you grace or a bonus of $1,000 for your work – you are lucky! Well, not all bosses are generous and will recognize a worker’s hard work.

So how do you bring good luck to your business? How do you grow your customers, sales, profit, and entire business aside from being diligent or hardworking? The following things or lucky charms are great to have to bring lasting good luck to your business and whole life:


1. Compassion

Compassion lets you understand the inner things of other people, such as their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. This makes your everyday decisions to be deeper, more intelligent, more accurate, and more considerate. Specifically, compassion helps you deal with your employees, customers, and other business stakeholders. By being a compassionate business person, you attract good luck and prosperity through your righteous decisions and actions.


2. Kindness

Kindness is goodness. And if you want to attract good luck, you have to be the source of goodness. You cannot pull good luck to your business if all you do is bad things, such as maltreating your workers, lying to your customers, and not helping your community. Remember that acts of kindness are contagious and can create a lasting chain effect. So if you will be kind to your customers, your customers will also be kind to your business by becoming loyal to it or by becoming your own marketers who will spread the good things about your business.


3. Balance or justice

Balance and justice minimize conflicts within your workplace, within your marketplace, and within yourself. If you want to bring good luck and prosperity to your business, you should always observe justice and harmony among your workers, customers, and even within yourself. Thus, avoid favoritism among your employees, cheating your customers, and underestimating yourself.


4. Flexibility

When bad luck comes to yourself, and you cannot cope it immediately – it tends to multiply. If you are not flexible, bad luck can completely destroy you and your business. Good luck only enters in people who are willing to adjust themselves from being in bad situation to being in a good situation – from being in bad luck to being in good luck. So if you want to attract good luck, be flexible and learn how to adjust yourself to battle and get out of bad luck. If the technology is causing your business to be obsolete, don’t be stiff but embrace innovation and have a good luck.


5. Hope and positivity

Positive people attract good vibes and other positive elements of life, as well as good luck. On the other hand, negativity, fear, and doubt only keep those positive vibes away. If you want to receive good luck, you have to hope for it and stay positive. So if you experience problems and losses during your business cycles, don’t be discouraged but take them as challenges or opportunities to improve your business, your people, your system, and yourself.


6. Joyfulness

When you smile, you are already creating good luck for yourself and for the people who can see your smile. Cheerfulness helps you comfort yourself and others from stresses and illness. As they say… laughter is one of the best medicines – your cheerful laugh or smile can bring you good health, good vibes, and good luck to your life and business. When your employees in the workplace are tired – you need to cheer them up. When your clients come to you to ask solutions to their problems – you have to give them comfort.


7. Humility

If there is something that attracts grace or things that are more than what you deserve… it is humility. No matter how hardworking, smart or successful you are if you are arrogant and oozing with pride… shame and disgrace might just be always near you. But if you are a humble person, even though you have weaknesses and you commit mistakes, you can still earn respect and understanding from people. Humility attracts good luck because when you are a down-to-Earth person, you lift your surroundings up. When you’re a humble leader, you lift your workers’ morale high. When you’re a humble business person, you lift your customers’ loyalty up.


8. Faithfulness

Luck is just like miracle – they aren’t easy to believe and rely on. That is why there are still many people who prefer to ignore them and rely fully on quantifiable results. Of course we should rely in our own hard work and on things that will give us probable results. However, we should still believe in miracles and in good luck because there are things that are just beyond our capacity. Besides, if it’s a good miracle and if it’s a good luck, there is no harm in believing them as long as you still do your best to achieve your goals. If you want to bring good luck to your business, believe in the power of your team – empower them. Also, believe in your customers – invest more time, money, and effort to satisfy and make them happy.


9. Self-control

Luck needs timing. Hence, if you are not patient and you don’t know how to wait, your business might totally become a failure before luck comes to you. Self-control makes you a gentle person, and at the same time, it makes you a stronger person within. Self-control brings good luck to your business as it puts things in proper place and in proper time. It helps you stay in the proper position until you hit the jackpot. It helps you achieve your long-term goals both in business and in life.


10. Mercy

We are humans and we are susceptible to committing sins or mistakes. Good luck doesn’t only come to us in the form of wealth, money, health or fortune. We also become lucky if we are forgiven or pardoned for our sins even though we deserve to be punished (it’s called mercy). If you want to receive mercy in the future, then you should also be merciful in the first place. As the saying goes… blessed are the merciful as they will receive mercy. Forgive your workers mistakes so that they may also forgive your mistakes as a manager. This also goes to your customers and other business stakeholders.


11. Peace

If you want good luck to be with you, then let be peace be with you. Inner peace enables you to clear your mind, heart, and soul. It also helps you attract positive energies like good luck and success. And to achieve inner peace, you have to learn the 3 Fs (forgive, forget, and forward). Forgive the people (including you) who have hurt you; forget the past that is causing you to be weak; and then forward to do the great things you have to do in life. Let there be peace within you, within your workplace, and within your marketplace. But remember that peace doesn’t always mean silence. Peace means reconciliation.


12. Love

Finally, the greatest lucky charm you can have for your business and life is love. Your family, your friends, your special someone, your employees, your customers, your countrymen, or your God whom you love are the best lucky charms you could have. It is because of love that you continue working hard. It is because of love that you learn patience, compassion, kindness, self-control, peacefulness, faithfulness, and the other virtues above. It is also because of love that other people do good things to you. Therefore, to bring good luck to your business, bring love to it. Love yourself, your workers, customers, and your society. Just don’t love money.



I hope you enjoy and learn from this article. As a final reminder, put those 12 elements above into your products, services, management and marketing strategies, and other activities to bring good luck to your business. Those lucky charms may not have physical properties, but you can always wear them in your mind so that you cannot forget them or put them in your heart so that you will always be willing to do them.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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