How to Follow Your Big Dreams

Wings to fly and reach your dreamsIt is free to dream – even if it’s an impossible dream. That is why since childhood, we don’t stop from dreaming or from imagining about our ambition in life. Whether we are keeping it a secret or we keep on declaring it to the world, there is that desire within us to reach our ultimate goal in life and prove to the world that we have made it. If you’re too ambitious yet determined to realize your dreams, here are important things to remember to follow your big dreams.


1. Don’t be discouraged to start at the bottom

If you can’t have the courage to start from the bottom and accomplish small things, then how can you have the courage to accomplish a big dream? Many people fail to follow their dreams because they are just fond of dreaming but are not actually willing to do the first move. Thus, if you want to reach your dreams, make the first step. For example if you are dreaming to own a big business someday, start a small business today and don’t just wait to win the lottery to have millions of money you can use to start your big business.


2. Be ready for people who will laugh at you

If you’re carrying a great dream or ambition, expect people to laugh at you, especially if you’re still too far to achieving that dream. But this is one of the challenges that you should face and overcome for carrying a heavy goal in life. Hence, learn how to overcome humiliation and how to keep yourself motivated despite of those people who keep on laughing at you. You should be challenged rather than be discouraged by their mockeries.


3. Follow the steps to your dreams

You can’t follow your dreams by just making the first step. Of course you have to follow all the steps towards it that are getting tougher and tougher as you go closer to your dream. For example in your dream of owning a multinational business corporation, you should not just be contented from operating a small business, but should continue experimenting and looking for the ways to making your business bigger.


4. Find friends who will help you follow your dreams

You cannot achieve your big dreams alone – you have to be with people who will assist you to achieve it. In order to improve your chance of realizing your dreams, you have to find people who will be with your side and help you attain your goals. But in return, you should also help them achieve their own dreams. There should be a collaboration between you and them. And to avoid any conflict, you have to team up with people who have different specific goals from yours, but share a common direction like yours.

For example if you’re aiming to become a famous businessman or entrepreneur, you have to team up with people who want to become a famous marketer, famous manager, famous financial analyst, and other people whose dreams can be combined and can go along with yours.


5. Develop yourself and put power to your dream

A dream, whether small or big, is nothing if it would not make you a better person. The purpose of dreaming is growing. Thus, whatever your dream is, you have to develop yourself and grow stronger. You should not just dream, but you have to go on training and enhancing your talents and skills that are needed to achieve your dream. You have to be stronger and ever as you face the increasing difficulties right in front of your road to success.


6. Help other people

Do you want people to stop laughing at you and instead start believing in you? If you want people to respect you and become faithful to you, then help them. If they will realize that you are a person who can save them from their problems or help them achieve their own dreams, then they might believe you and even help you achieve your dreams in return.

For example in your dream of building a great business that the world will recognize, if you will dedicate your business to helping other people by providing quality products and solutions that will answer the needs of many people, these people or your customers will be satisfied and may believe that you have what it takes to establish a great business. On the other hand, if you will only provide poor products just to make more money, your consumers who are dissatisfied with your products would only laugh at you.

Therefore, whatever your dream is, make sure that it can help many people – even if they are not your customers. If you aim to build a business empire, make sure you or your starting business could help your community and inspire other people in the world.


7. Track your progress

It is very important to track what you have been doing in the past to see to it that you are following the right way towards your dreams. Don’t just make the steps to your dreams, but also make sure that the steps you are doing are the right ones. Evaluating yourself and your past accomplishments will help you determine if you are doing it at the right place and at the right time. It would also tell you if you are losing focus or not. Moreover, it will also show you the weaknesses that you still need to improve and the strengths that you should maximize to accelerate your journey towards success.


8. Take a rest and have a good meal

Our body, brain, and emotion – they all get tired. If you want to constantly follow your dreams, then you should also constantly provide enough time to rest and revitalize yourself to continue reaching your dreams. We should always take care of our health because it is our treasure that helps us continue to move on. Well, how can you follow your dreams if you are already dead? Therefore, after an exhausting day, don’t forget your exhausted body to reward a fine meal and a good rest or sleep. Always remember that no matter how tiring or painful it is to reach your dreams, keep yourself alive and kicking!


9. Move forward and don’t stop believing

No matter how people will laugh at you and no matter how they think you are too ambitious, don’t stop believing in your big dream and don’t be discouraged by all the difficult challenges it brings. Remember that as long as you are alive, you still possess that miracle within you called “life”. And as long as you put power to your dream, no matter how far or high your dream is, your “will to reach that dream” will always push you farther and higher to become a better person. Therefore, if you know that your dream is good and it can help many lives (including your life), move forward and make yourself even better.


10. Complete your dream and inspire people

Don’t start something you can’t end. With the skills and power you have developed along the way, with the people who will support you, and with your persistent will to achieve your goals… finish your job and realize your dreams in life. And when you achieve your dreams, be an inspiration to others who also want to achieve their own dreams in life.

Remember that a dream may be pertaining to your future, but the essence of dreaming is to make your dream a history. And if you want to follow and realize a great dream, make sure to do great things that will be written in our history.

Keep on following your dreams as long as you keep yourself on growing.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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