How to Franchise Zagu in the Philippines

I first tasted the cool flavors of Zagu while roaming around the mall in my hometown. Buyers from different ages are falling in line ta their kiosk to indulge the different flavors of Zagu pearl shakes, especially when people fill the mall on weekends. My friends even prefer to drink Zagu inside the cinema house while watching hit movies. Zagu shakes have reasonable prices, depending on flavors and sizes (Baby-Z, Regular to Grande), plus the mix of pearls, crystals, choco bits, rice crispies, kernels and beans of your choice. For a business, Zagu offers a bright future. So how to franchise Zagu Pearl Shake in the Philippines? Actually, Zagu Foods Corporation is not offering franchise business, but it offers authorized dealership. Their business partners are not called franchisees, but called authorized dealers. Different from a franchising business, Zagu authorized dealership offers no franchise fee and no royalty fee, although their authorized dealers will carry their ZAGU trademark and logo. To become a Zagu Authorized Dealer, the following will guide you.

About Zagu

Zagu Pearl Shake is a food stall business that offers cool flavored drink mixed with dark, spherical, chewy balls made from yam and tapioca called Pearls. Zagu was the first to introduce the “Pearl Drink” to the Philippine market. The First Zagu store was launched in April 1999. Zagu was pioneered by a young enterprising lady with a degree in Food Science from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Now, ZAGU has grown from a tiny kiosk to a current network of over 290 outlets nationwide. Zagu has also gained recognition locally through awards such as the National Choice Awards, and International recognition through our partner in Sydney, Australia. Zagu foods can be found in malls, supermarkets and roadside locations. Behind the success of every Zagu store is their professional management team and dedicated employees committed to putting the customers first and achieving excellence in everything.

What your will have as an authorized dealer?

Zagu Peal Cool Drink Flavor– Instant market
– Additional source of income
– Proprietary recipes, ingredients and procedures
– Discount on purchases
– Ongoing training and operational support
– Marketing and advertising support
– Exclusive product distribution
– Contemporary design and decor package
– Assistance with site selection
– Customized operational system

What are the features of authorized dealership?

– P270,000 to 350,000 approximate investment package, and business will be fully operational
– No franchise fee and no royalty fee
– Will carry the well established ZAGU trademark and logo
– Special discounted price for purchases exclusive for authorized dealers only
– Continuous marketing support through event participation, sponsorship and other marketing approach
– High profile national presence
– No defined territory
– Participation in events
– Zagu standard uniform
– Service crew training

What exactly does ZAGU looks for in a business partner?

– Dedicated
– Hard working
– Competent
– Customer oriented

What is the process involved in the application?

It starts with completion of the initial questionnaire then followed by interviews, meeting, payment of deposit, filing-up of application form, submission of requirements, payment of package, signing of agreement, and lastly training.  The “time frame” depends upon the mutual commitment and projected schedule of both parties. Approximately 45-60 days from the date of completion of requirements.

To learn the steps in applying for ZAGU authorized dealership and their international business offers, please visit their official website at To contact ZAGU Foods Corporation – Sales Department, their telephone numbers are (632) 687-0140 / 687-4403 local 113-114.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. christine says

    i am interested to be an authorized dealer of zagu. may i request for the details needed. tnx. by the way, i can not contact the numbers posted in your site.

  2. Vic says

    Hi Christine,
    I check out their website today, but I think they are reconstructing their website. The numbers above are taken from the information stated in their website before. We are not anyway connected with the franchise. But we will let you know once we got new information about them. Thanks.

  3. Donn Aldrich Villaruel says

    Hi, I am interested to franchise ZAGU shakes. Will you please email me your recent contact number? Landline or cellphone. Thank you.


  4. Gerald Raymond Balona says


    Good day!
    I am Gerald Raymond Balona from Daraga, Albay.
    I am interested to become an authorize dealer of ZAGU shakes.
    Can you guide and send me the full specs of your package ready to operate?
    Please include price, inclusions, time frames, mode of payments.
    Hoping for a favorable response.
    Maraming salamat po.



  5. dorine agaton says

    if i get a franchise, how many outlet can i put up in a 1 municipality.?
    pls send me all the possible requirements. thank you.

  6. says

    if i get a franchise, how many outlet can i put up in a 1 city jist like here in zamboanga city?
    pls send me all the possible requirements and the details…. thank you.

  7. LV says


    I am interested in the Franchise of ZAGU…
    Kindly send me the details of this.


    Hope to hear from your soon

  8. rowel ulep says

    Hi i am rowel ulep, from Roxas City, i want to know how can i get a franchised on ZAGU. thanks and I hope to hear from you to the soonest time.

  9. Norshel de Lejos says

    Hi! I’m Norshel,I want to franchise Zagu.Please send me a complete details.Thanks and Regards.ASAP.

  10. says

    how much is the profit per bottle from small to large? do we still need to rent for the location or is it included in the initial 270 to 350,000? what are the coverages of our investment package?? is it includes the permits and other requirements?? were from laguna,, would you help us find an available location?? would you provide our staffs?

  11. Wilfred delos Santos says

    Greetings, I’m Wilfred, I want to franchise Zagu.Please send me a complete details.Thanks and Regards…

  12. fe truya says

    January 16, 2012

    Good Day!
    I am interested to franchise ZAGU. please send me a complete details and requirements for your package ready to operate. please guide me.
    im in cebu.
    thank you.

  13. Irma L Bagnes says

    Good am. I just want to know the ROI in franchising Zagu…Also just want to ask if you have a policy of controlling the distance per outlet..Say for example, in one mall how many store do you approve? tnx . and hope i can receive feedbak from you… I am from laguna and i just want to place my franchised zagu(if approve) in one of the mall to be opened here in laguna… tnx

  14. says


    I am interested to dealership Zagu. please send a complete and requirements
    for yuor pakage ready to operate.
    Im in San fernando pampanga.

    Thank you.

  15. Ej Santos says

    Good evening!

    I’m interested to be an authorized dealer. Can you send me the requirements and complete inclusions of the package? Also may I know the ROI?

  16. Gigi Agustin says



    I’m interest to know more about ZAGU business. Kindly send more information and what are the requirement needed to become an authorized dealer? And mode of payment.

    Thank you. Waiting for your reply of the matter.

    Gigi I. Agustin—Ilocos Norte

  17. says

    I’m interested to know more about Zagu franchise…Please send me some information how to become a dealer a mode of payment & a important papers to pass… Thanks for your consent & may GOD bless & keep you always…

  18. Jocelyn Pascua says

    I’m interested to become a Zagu dealer. How can I start this business here in the US? I own a store with small restaurant here in Michigan , USA. I’ve tasted Zagu when we were there for vacation and loved it. Please send me information on how and how much it costs. Thank you and God bless.

  19. Lerma Adriano says

    I’m interested to be an authorized dealer. Can you send me the requirements and complete inclusions of the package? Also may I know the ROI?

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