How to Open a Bank Account in BDO Philippines

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How to Open a Bank Account in BDO Philippines

Do you want to open BDO bank account? Opening a bank account in Banco de Oro (BDO) is a wise choice since the company, Banco de Oro Unibank Inc., is one of the best banks in the Philippines. Banco De Oro has already received several major awards in its industry. It was awarded the Highest Ranking Bank in the Philippines’ Best Managed Companies, Best Investment Bank in the Philippines and Best Equity House in the Philippines by Finance Asia. BDO has also received major citations from the recently held The Asset Triple A Awards 2011 of the Hong Kong-based investment magazine The Asset. The Bank was named the best in the Philippines in these categories: Best SME Bank, Best Trade Finance Bank (Domestic) and Rising Star Cash Management Bank. These prestigious recognitions are already enough to give any person a confidence to deposit his money or hard-earned cash at BDO. The following are steps, guidelines and other important information you should know on how to open a bank account at BDO.


Steps in opening a BDO account

1. Choose the BDO branch of your choice. You can check the list of BDO branches at their branch directory page. SM malls have always BDO branch inside.

2. Visit the BDO branch that you’ve chosen and bring the following requirements in opening a bank account.

  • Two (2) valid ID’s with your name, picture and signature.

Valid IDs: Passport, Driver’s license, PRC ID, NBI clearance, Police clearance, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, Barangay certification, GSIS e-Card, SSS ID, Philhealth card, Senior Citizen Card, OWWA ID, OFW ID, Seaman’s Book, Alien Certification of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration, and other  Government office IDs

  • Two (2) Photocopies of your valid IDs
  • One (1) copy 1 x 1 recent ID picture
  • Billing Statement and 2 photocopies in order to verify your address. Billing statement can be Electric bill, Telephone bill, Water bill, Credit Card bill, Cellphone bill etc.

3. Proceed to the New Account Desk; tell the bank officer your intent to open a bank account.  Then fill-up the forms that will be given to you.

4. Give the initial deposit for your account. It should be equal or more than the minimum initial deposit amount. Refer to the list of minimum initial deposit and balance requirements below. Make sure that your balance will not fall below the minimum balance requirements.

5. Claim your BDO ATM card or passbook which normally available for pick-up after 3-5 banking days.


List of BDO Deposit Products

1. Peso Savings Account

  1. Peso Passbook Savings Account
  2. Peso ATM
  3. Kabayan Peso Savings
  4. Peso Savings Account Payroll Zero
  5. Junior Savers Club
  6. Power Teens Club
  7. Club 60 Peso
  8. Optimum Savings Account
  9. Smart Guarantor
  10. Direct Deposit Peso Savings

2. Peso Checking Account

  1. Regular Checking Account
  2. Smart Checking Account
  3. Peso Checking Account Payroll

3. Automatic Transfer Facility

  1. Automatic Transfer Facility – Saving Account
  2. Automatic Transfer Facility – Checking Account

4. Dollar Savings Account

  1. BDO Kabayan Shipping Dollar Saving Account
  2. Direct Deposit Dollar Savings
  3. Club 60 Dollar
  4. Dollar Saving Account
  5. Kabayan Dollar Savings

5. Third Currency Savings Account – A Third Currency-denominated Savings account that requires the presentation of a passbook for over-the-counter deposits and withdrawals. Account opening is available in selected branches. Available in the following currencies: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro Savings, GBP Savings, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Yen Savings.

6. Peso Term Account

  1. Peso Term Account
  2. Premium Flexi Earner
  3. Kabayan Peso Time Deposit

7. Dollar Term Account

  1. Dollar Time Deposits
  2. Kabayan Dollar Time Deposit
  3. Philippine Retirement Authority(PRA) Dollar Time Deposit
  4. Three Year Dollar Time Deposit
  5. Five Year Dollar Time Deposit

For more details and features of the BDO deposit products, please visit their “deposit product web page here“.


List of Initial Deposit / Balance Requirements

Peso Saving Account

Account Type Minimum Initial Deposit Minimum MADB* Requirement
Peso Passbook Savings Account (with or without ATM) Php 5,000.00 Php 5,000.00
Peso ATM (without passbook) Php 2,000.000 Php 2,000.00
Kabayan Peso Savings Account Php 50.00 0.00
Peso Savings Account Payroll Php 100.00 0.00
Junior Savers Club Php 500.00 Php 100.00
Power Teens Club Php 2,000.00 Php 2,000.00
Club 60 Peso Php 5,000.00 Php 5,000.00
Direct Deposit Peso Savings Account Php 0.00 Php 0.00
Smart Guarantor Php 60,000.00 Php 5,000.00
Optimum Savings Account – Personal Php 30,000.00 Php 30,000.00
Optimum Savings Account-Commercial Php 50,000.00 Php 50,000.00
Super Savings Php 100,000.00 Php 100,000.00
Super Savings – ATF Php 100,000.00 Php 100,000.00


Peso Checking Account

Account Type Minimum Initial Deposit Minimum MADB* Requirement
Regular Checking Account Php 5,000.00 Php 5,000.00
Smart Checking – Personal Php 15,000.00 Php 15,000.00
Smart Checking – Commercial Php 25,000.00 Php 25,000.00
Super Checking Php 100,000.00 Php 100,000.00
Peso Checking Account Payroll Php 100.00 Php 100.00
Automatic Transfer – Savings Account ATF Personal Php 25,000.00 Php 25,000.00
Checking Account ATF Personal 0.00 0.00
Automatic Transfer – Savings Account ATF Commercial Php 50,000.00 Php 50,000.00
Checking Account ATF Commercial 0.00 0.00


Dollar Savings Account

Account Type Minimum Initial Deposit Minimum MADB* Requirement
Dollar Savings Account USD 200.00 USD 200.00
Kabayan Dollar Savings Account USD 100.00 0.00
Club 60 Dollar USD 200.00 USD 200.00
Direct Deposit Dollar Savings Account USD 0.00 USD 0.00
Dollar Super Saver USD 10,000.00 USD 10,000.00


*MADB (Monthly Average Daily Balance)

For more details and information about the initial minimum deposit and balance requirements of BDO deposit products, please visit this page. For other information such as loans, investments and others, please visit their official website at

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the CEO of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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  1. Gil

    BDO may be one of the best banks in the Philippines but I prefer to bank in BPI because they have good customer service based on my experience.

  2. Marylyn Muriu

    How can I open an account outside the country?

  3. Love

    If I don’t have any of the billing statements, which I think is one of the requirements in opening an account, can I still open an account in BDO?


    i want to open a BDO account at Session Road, Baguio City however im currently living in abu dhabi UAE.

    please send me info regarding this matter.

    Eric Avila

  5. Maria Tricia

    I’m here at Perth Australia, and I want to open a bank account so I can use it to my 1 week vacation at the Philippines. What can I do to open my bank account even though I’m here at Australia? Thankyou :)

  6. Alab


    ako po ay ofw na umuwi last year. dahil pangit ho ang palitan ng peso hindi ko pa niremit ang natitirang sweldo ko sa pinas. ang katanungan ko po ay kung iremit ko sya ngayon gamit wire transfer ng bangko e kung mataxtax ba ho yng pera? at kung matataxan, magkano ang rate ho kaya? me iba pa bang tax na ilalapat maliban sa dst?

    salamat ng marami.

  7. Maria Glena

    Does a Peso ATM account with ADB of 2,000.00 has Visa or Master Card Logo?

  8. Violeta Boarman

    Can I open an account from Germany? It would be more convenient every time I make a vacation each year I dont have to bring money with me . I just have to wire it a week before I fly.

  9. margie plateros

    i am 18 years old…. can i still open an account even i have 1 valid ID only? please reply if i can…. thank you.

  10. mary Jimenez

    im planning to open an account in bdo, may i ask if what is the difference between dollar and peso account? which is more good to have? hope you can answer me

  11. This bank, BDO, has no heart for its clients. Imagine,BDO clients worked hard and sacrificed a lot for their money but when they will enter the bank, you cannot even sit down because you will be made to fall in line. What a sacrifice. BDO boasts of its financial liquidity but they cannot afford to provide seats for their clients? Unbelievable!!! Or they are just idiots! Think of your clients guys, do not let them suffer, you should have provided them with some amount of convenience that they most deserved if indeed you are really bent on finding ways.

  12. As of Oct 2, 2012, I was not required a proof of billing. I only presented my company ID and a postal ID. I don’t know if age is a factor, because the teller mistook me for a student and I told her that I’m already employed.

  13. Mark

    Hi, Can i use my NSO Birth Certificate + Brgy. Clearance or Police Clearance as a supporting document?…? almost all of my ID were washed out by the flood and im currently processing there replacement… thanks

  14. Ern

    Had my tiring, annoying, and frustating experience with BDO two days in a row. I would say the first day was because of my lack of card ID to back up my barangay certificate and police clearance. So that was okay. I applied to the nearest post office in my place to secure a postal ID, which the 2nd teller asked me to provide (yes, 2nd teller because the 1st teller whom I happened to sit before her to assist me kept asking in a blank, unsure, confused way what should be done to for my dollar account application.

    So it happened that I was able to get a postal ID the next day and I quickly went to the bank. Bad luck, I happened to sit again on the chair manned by the 1st teller. She asked again the 2nd teller what should be done to my application. The 2nd teller then said that my postal ID was only secondary ID and I need a real valid ID so I can open an account.

    Bad service. Based from this transactions, BDO fails to train their underpaid tellers good customer service. Tskstkstkstk.

  15. Carmelita A. PASAGDAN

    Hi everyone :-) I want to open a bank account at BDO OZAMIS City BranchMissamis Occidental, Philippines but I am presently here at Hail Saudi Arabia. What should I do?

    HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU :-) :-) :-)
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH :-) :-) :-)