How to Register Business Name with DTI Philippines

How to register your business name with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines? If you are planning to establish a business, a trade name is an essential part of your business existence. That is why you should take time for brainstorming to come up with a company name that is both unique and appealing to your potential customers. Your trade name is what you will always use when dealing with your clients or customers. It is the name that will be stated in your certificates of registration with different agencies, in your official receipts and invoices, in your contracts and in other business forms.

If you are forming a single proprietorship business, it is required that you secure a certificate of registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Otherwise, if you’re forming a partnership or a corporation, you should first register your business with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). After securing a SEC certificate of registration, although not required, you may also wish to register your name with the DTI to ensure that no other individuals or organizations would register a name similar to yours.

The DTI is the primary government agency with the dual mission of facilitating the creation of a business environment wherein participants could compete, flourish, and succeed and, at the same time, ensuring consumer welfare. DTI also governs the registration of business and trade names in the Philippines. The following are steps and guidelines to register your business name with the DTI:

Choose your proposed business name

Before you register your business with the DTI, you should be ready with your proposed business name. The following are guidelines for an acceptable and not acceptable business name:

Acceptable business names:

  • The root word or words of the name shall be considered.
  • Describes the nature of business
  • Comprised solely of letters and/or numerals
  • Punctuation that are part of English and Filipino language

Names that are not acceptable:

  • Those which are or whose nature of business is illegal, offensive, scandalous, or contrary to propriety.
  • Those which are identical or which nearly resemble business names already registered with government office authorized to register names.
  • Names composed purely of generic words.
  • Names by which by law or regulation cannot be appropriated.
  • Distinguished or suggestive of quality of any class of goods, articles merchandise or service.
  • Abbreviation of names of any nation, inter-governmental or international organization
  • Names which are misleading, deceptive or which misrepresent the nature of business

Steps for over-the-counter registration

A. Obtain application forms (duplicate copy) and fill these up completely. Only the owner of the business or his/her Attorney-in-Fact (who is authorized in a proper legal instrument) is authorized to sign all the forms.

B. Meet the following requirements (For Single Proprietorship):

• Must be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years old. Filipinos with names suggestive of alien nationality must submit any of the following proof of citizenship: birth certificate, PRC ID, voter’s ID, or valid passport. If the applicant has acquired Filipino citizenship by naturalization, election, or by other means provided by law, he must submit any of the following proof of his Filipino citizenship: naturalization certificate and oath of allegiance, card issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation and affidavit of election, or ID card issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

• Certain types of business may have other requirements such as service and repair shops, real estate brokers, dental/medical clinic/hospitals, pawnshops, manpower services, engineering/architectural services and other services provided by professionals.

C. Submit application form to the DTI Processor. The DTI Processor will check if the Business Name is still available, if yes, you will be asked to pay the application fee.

D. Pay the required registration and processing fee.

New BN registration fees in effect

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now implementing the following registration fees for business name registration (original and renewal) depending on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application:

a. Barangay: PHP    200.00
b. City / Municipality: PHP    500.00
c. Regional: PHP 1,000.00
d. National: PHP 2,000.00

For more information, please call DTI Direct at 751.3330.

E. After showing the receipt to the Processor, the Business Name Certificate will be released.

F. Your Business Name Certificate is valid for 5 years from date of registration.

Register Online at

1. Fill out application form by typing the required information (proposed business name, TIN, name of registrant, address, etc.,).

2. Submit online and you will receive transaction reference number acknowledgment via e-mail.

3. Submit the necessary documentation mention in the acknowledgment in DTI office in your area. The reserve business name online is only up to 3 working days.

4. Pay your application. Payment can be through GCash or at the DTI teller. Fees will depend on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application (barangay, City/municipality, regional or national).

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. rrr says

    “Only the owner of the business or his/her Attorney-in-Fact (who is authorized in a proper legal instrument) is authorized to sign all the forms.”

    DTI should update their website, most importantly the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I went to DTI Makati (Trafalgar Building)today. But after waiting in line and finally happy for my turn… they told me that they cannot accept my documents since I am the one who signed the application forms. I told them that the owner authorized me to process and sign on her behalf. I submitted a signed SPA (Special Power of Attorney) together with the application forms. I tried to ask for consideration but to no avail :( so I need to go back again and fill out the forms and let the owner sign the papers.

      • Jean Maricar Lavado says

        Hi sir Vic, I have business and I want to close it because the category is specific only in rtw .. and open again for broad line of business like printing and general merchandise. What is the first thing to do? ask ko lang po if How much ang charge when closing a business.?

  2. says

    It is the sad truth actually. Many are caught up in the same situation. The lesson is that if you are appearing as the representative of another, I suggest you bring along a notarized special power of attorney because that is the requirement of most agencies. Only few are satisfied with the unnotarized one.

  3. Nicole says

    Hi, I recently registered my Business name with DTI. I am an owner of an online shop. Do I still need to obtain the barangay clearance, mayor’s permit and BIR permit? Thank you!

    • Vic says

      Hi Nicole. DTI registration will only give you a registered TRADE NAME, but it will not give you a registered BUSINESS. You need to register your business/profession with the BIR to have Official Receipts and to be able to remit the applicable taxes.

    • says

      You should apply for BIR registration. Please read this article: . If you will register as a self-employed professional, kindly read this

  4. marvin says

    Should i rent a commercial space before register a business name to DTI? or can i use my home temporarily then look for a commercial space and replace the address after.

  5. Jay says

    A friend and I want to start a Photo and Video business, working mostly from my home here in Pasig. Since this kind of work does not really need a “formal” office space, do i still need a barangay permit, mayor’s permit etc… ? Aside from registering the business name, what other requirements do we need to accomplish? Especially if we want to be able to give out official receipts to future clients. Which BIR office do we go to? thanks and great job in helping out new entrepreneurs.

    • says

      Hi Jay, in such case you may use your home office. The problem is, you expose your home address to everyone else and you may have hard time securing a business permit with your home office. Alternatively, you may go for virtual office for less costly than a formal office. For your BIR registration, proceed with the BIR covering with the place of the address you used.

  6. jane says


    Just wanna ask, what if i already got a DTI permit, then i haven’t registered yet with BIR ‘coz i’m not yet operating but said that i will pay penalty due for not registering it with them after a month from DTI, can i have it renewed though it is not yet expired?

    please reply


    • says

      It’s okay to have a DTI registration even you are not yet registered with BIR as long as you are still not operating your business. DTI is only for registering your trade name or the name of your business – not your business itself. DTI also doesn’t give you the license to operate a business. However, be sure to register your business with the BIR before starting business operation.

  7. michelle molina says

    hi my friend from KSA is planning to operate a manpower agency,my question is…Should i rent a commercial space before register a business name to DTI?thanks

  8. Francis says

    When i fill online walang submit button na lumalabas and sa name availability lumalabas please check null municipality input data.

  9. Johnny says

    Thank you for this post.

    Meron lng akong question.

    What if po i have a corporation registered in SEC already but the name is not that appealing kasi no choice SEC is very strict in naming your corporation. Is it ok to use a different name in a store or an office by registering it in DTI?

    Hope you could answer my question.


  10. cathelyn palacio says

    Sir may house for rent po kami 2 doors. What are the other requiremets na kelangan ko i submit together with the Business name registration application form and valid ID? thank you Sir. God bless.

  11. Rivk says

    Is the DTI online application working? New applications seems to be grayed out and download certificate is the only clickable link.

  12. Ma-an says

    I have a similar question as Johnny. Can the name on my signage outside the store be different from the one on my DTI registration?

    For example, if DTI approves the business name “Ma-an’s Laundromat Services” but that is not the name I want to put on my sign, can I opt for a different name? Can I put a sign outside my store that says “SOAPS AND SUDS LAUNDRY” but the O.R.s I will issue will say:

    Operated by: Ma-an’s Laundromat Services

    Do I have to register “Soaps and Suds Laundry” with DTI or do I register it separately as a trademark?

  13. Jonathan L. Elano says


    We are planning to have a business to produce a bottled natural juice. Would it okay to have it registered only to dti (only later to BFAD)? Would DTI require us to have it BFAD Certified?

    • says

      Hi. DTI is only for registering your business trade name, but it doesn’t give you a license to operate. You have to register also with other government agencies to begin operation. DTI is only one of the requirements to register with BFAD, Mayor’s Office, BIR, and other applicable government offices.

  14. Czarina Ross says

    Hi. I am planning to put a small “Tapsilogan Business at my Father-in-law’s rental space. Its in a subdivision in Quezon City. We tried to ask for a Home Owner’s association permit but they do not want to give us the approval. But there are already existing Sari-Sari stores around the village.
    If we will undergo the legal ways, like going to DTI and register the business name, getting the Mayor’s permit and registering to BIR, would our business be legal without the permit from the homeowners association?
    I really need help on this.Hope to hear from you really soon.
    Many thanks. :-)

  15. Ned says

    I would like to start a business, but I am abroad. Does DTI needs my original IDs when applying. Can I apply for it even I am here abroad? What are the steps and other requirements? Please help.

  16. jen says

    hi dti
    i just want to ask what business scope should i use? i have a business in quezon city but since im into machine shop services or machine cleaning sometimes i have a client from pasig city or provinces of mindanao or visayas or in bulacan area. my business is only small, sole proprietorship with only 3 employees. what should business scope i should use? please help i need to renew my dti business registration due last week. And another thing i accidentally renew online using national business scope? what should i do to change the business scope if ever.
    I need your help. ASAP. thanks. please email me also for the answer.


  17. eire says

    Thanks for the very informative article. I just have a question. I have an online shop. Is it still necessary for me to register with the DTI, and subsequently with the BIR? I noticed a lot of online shops are not registered with either agency, and I’ve read several forums saying that if you’re just an online shop, better NOT to register with DTI and BIR. Kindly enlighten me as to why I should register my online business with the DTI and BIR. Further, should I decide to register my online business, what address do I give? Or is there a special process specifically for ONLINE businesses? Because I do not want to use my home address, as it exposes the information to everyone, and I doubt if that is a safe move on my part. Thank you so much.

    • says

      Whether online or offline, as long as you are engaging in business, you have to register your business: DTI, BIR, SEC (if partnership or corporation), and with other applicable government agencies. DTI will only register your “business trade name”, but not your business. You also have to register with BIR and other offices applicable to your business. You can use your home office or any office where you are based as your address.

    • says

      If you are planning to use the name of your website as your business trade name, you have to register it with DTI. And if you want to operate it as a legit business, you also have to register it with the BIR and other government agencies. If you already have an existing registered business and you just want to include your website as part of your business, you can register it with the IPO (Intellectual Patent Office) as a registered brand of your existing business.

  18. Donna Jabon says

    Glad a useful site like yours exist, I learned from your taxation tips. tnx

    I would like to ask if it is possible that a corporation like us can still register our trade name with DTI?

    Is it possible for a corporation to own multiple trade names? For each business in different location?
    Example: SEC registered corporation is KK General Merchandise Inc., and now we planning to open another store with a name “JJ enterprises” but under the same owner, the corporation.
    what should be our next step? Is it possible that in the DTI registration form in the owner’s name be the corporation?

    How is branding being done?

    Example Jollibee Food corporation, how did they register other brands like Greenwich, chowking, red ribbon?


  19. aiden says

    ask ko lang po anu pagkakaiba ng marketing or enterprises kung ilalagay sa business name.
    thank u

  20. says

    hi sir,

    i just would like to ask what the difference between – single-proprietorships, coporation & partnership? i would like to register a business name & a trademark but i don’t know where should i put it under. also, the nature of the business is a bit freelance / commission-based so it doesn’t really have a stable income every month. how much tax do i have to pay for the business even if its not earning? what would be your best suggestion? would appreciate a reply from you. thanks.

  21. mahesh chawla says

    i am an indian who wants to start money exchange business in Philippines i read all that you have mention but how a foreigner can start the same in Philippines please help me you can send me email and let me know

  22. liberatoty says

    ours is an organization of the Iraya Mangyans (one of the tribes of the natives of mindoro. we are registered with the department of labor and employment just this year, 2013. most of our members are upland farmers and we solely rely on the non-timber forest resources for our livelihood. Can we ask suggestion or help from you how we can register a business name? we are engaged in tiger grass production for softbroom making
    or “walis tambo. We would also like to ask from you a suggested name for this business
    or cottage industry?

  23. Grace bacolod says

    Kindly help. I got my dti on 2013 but was not able to
    Operate that year. This year 2014 i register my business with
    bir and a personel told me that i have to pay late
    fee for late registration (2k is not a small amount). I argued
    that dti is valid for 5 yrs and it is just to register a trade name.
    Is the penalty legal or is there a way around it. Thanks

    • Mark Anthony Diezmos says

      You are being penalized by the BIR for late registration of your business. Yes, its Legal. As far as I know, we are given only one (1) month to register our business from the date of registering it to DTI.

  24. FROLINE NOCES says

    How can I retrieve my TRN number? I didn’t print it due to accidental shut down of my pc? Please tell me what to do. Thanks!

  25. hannie says

    hi! is it ok to register my business name first and work on other permits like mayor’s permit, BIR, etc. once we can find a location for the business? do they give you a deadline for registering the other permits? thanks for the help

    • Mark Anthony Diezmos says

      Once you have registered your business at the DTI you are given one (1) month to register it to the BIR otherwise you have to pay for penalty of late registration.

  26. april valenzuela says

    Good evening..ask qlng po..what if ung nso birthcertificate ng applcnt ay ang nklgy ay no record..macoconsidet prn b n valid id un? Tnx

  27. says

    Hello. Is it lawful for a barangay to require business owners to pay on the signages we installed on our business building? They are collecting 50 per square meter

  28. Kresta says

    I have registered on DTI online 3 weeks ago and there’s no reply/email.
    Para saan pa ang online registration nila kung wala rin naman palang reply.

  29. says

    hi sir vic,

    together with my co-teachers, we are planning to put up a tutorial services and we are actually doing a feasibility…i just want to know what kind of permits do we need to accomplish before it can be operational?
    your reply would help a lot….
    sir vic, if it is okay, can you send it in my email add: rsvillegas18 @, to be more private.
    thank you very much

    zen of sto tomas, batangas

  30. colz says

    I would like to ask if you register to DTI only and you never operate until it expired, will the name automatically erase in DTI? any problems in it?


  31. Rani says

    I didn’t get to save my TRN after I have registered online. How do I retrive it? Also the online payment didn’t push through, but the name was reserved, how do I proceed?

  32. allan says

    Sir, I had franchised a food cart business. Do i have to register it to DTI ? or thus we use the DTI registration of franchisor? Thank you.

  33. jeannette says

    I’m a Filipino American citizen but my son has dual and wanted a money changer business with foreign goods. How do we do it?? My son is living in the Philippines right now. I need help.

  34. Mark says

    Hi, Sir thank you for your helpful site… do “paluwagan” needs business permit? If you already have existing business like tour agency? Do i need to apply for paluwagan? Is it not possible to make it as one of the services offered by my existing business den issue official receipt for the service fee we receive? Thankz hope to hear from you … God bless

  35. Mark says

    Thank you for this useful site… Sir just want to ask if paluwagan needs to have a business permit if you already have like tour agency? Do i need to apply for it or is it possible to use my existing business and make it as one of its services den issue official receipt for the service fee that we received? Thankz hope you can help us … God bless

  36. Marilou MM says

    Hi sir,

    Does a small retail store need to register with BIR even if no OR is issued to customers? The store sells mostly food products (rice, pampanga’s best products, siomai/siopao, eggs).

    Thank you.

  37. Ericksander Tagapan says

    Good evening,,
    I am planning to register one of the best choice name of my business that is really help my co filipino people..

    The concept is a paluwagan system wherein, they must shares with a small amount like for an example if they shares 1k after a few weeks they will get a high return of 6k,,

    Its a kind of investment that they really help for thier financial problem…i will include the terms and condition that they must understand first…like if they will join after a week there is no refundalbe and they need to pursue it so that the flow of the system will not be paralize.

    Is it possible the DTI or sec will allow this kind of business?

    Thank you and god bless!

  38. Cha says

    Hi. I have successfully registered by business name online. I payed thru gcash and downloaded my DTI certificate in the website. May I know if there are still requirements or necessary documents that I have to submit personally in the DTI office after my online application? Thank you very much. Your site is very helpful.

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