How to Save Money as a College Student in the Philippines

Whether you are a freshman or returning to study in college, you are possibly prepared for the fresh semester. Knowing smart money supervision and how to save money as a college student in the Philippines can assist you establish a firm foundation for your outlook. Here are several tips and techniques on budgeting, saving cash and money supervision for college students in the Philippines.

1. You’re a college learner therefore act like one. Do not try living the way of life of graduates with a stable job.

2. Initially, you are there for an education. Do not blow the chance by ignoring your studies, over mingling or getting into money trouble.

3. Aside from books and tuition fee, set a budget for your expending categories like rent, food, entertainment and so on.

4. Buy second hand books. Probably you will discover much cheaper price at surplus bookstore. Avoid purchasing new ones as much as possible.

5. Look for locations with two for one drink or appetizers which is free if you are going out on the city.

6. You don’t need going out always; invite some friend to your apartment habitually to save cash.

7. Open up a savings account with high interest if you have some cash stashed away.

8. Plan your money for the whole semester. At the start of class, calculate what is obtainable for using cash every week and bond to it.

9. Consider a temporary job provided that it does not obstruct your studies.

10. Start learning how to cook if you do not know how. It can be cheaper and healthier compared to fast food.

11. Decorate your dorm or apartment with second hand fixtures. You may check some garage sales or classifies that offer used stuff.

12. Manage your scholar loans systematically. Do not borrow too much and if you finish up borrowing lots of cash than you want, deposit it in a bank with a high interest rate.

13. Don’t attempt keeping up with the huge spenders. As some of your buddies might be living with the credit cards of their parents, which does not mean that you need to follow their lifestyle.

14. Do not join for the credit cards only for the free gifts. Eventually, it might end up costing you a lot more.

15. Consider cheap or free activities. Several college universities have many activities for students. Some of them are not priced or sometimes free.

16. Avoid ATM charges. Be sure you have enough money for purchase or employ your debit card.

17. Consider campus meal preparation. If one is obtainable, a meal preparation on school can be very cheap each meal.

18. Don’t bring a vehicle to school. If you are living near the school, probably, you don’t need a vehicle. Also, this will keep your associates from employing you as a cab service. Instead, get a bicycle and use it to and from school.

19. Join for grants and scholarships.

20. Live near to school. The nearer you live to school, the lesser you will have to drive. Various college schools have lots of nearby locations within walking distance for socializing, shopping and the like.

Learning to save money during the college days is one of the best personal finance lessons you can take with you for life. You can use that financial wisdom after your graduation, when you get employed, once you build your own family, or even when you start your own business. To your success!


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    Agree, Vic. You had provided tons of ways and they will have much savings after applying those practical and applicable to them. My addition is to see to is that they pass all the subjects and learn almost every lesson at classroom. Never take for granted a subject or a profession for that matter because repeating the subject would take away all the savings they might have had in previous semester. They can enroll in tutorials that they will see to it they will not only pass the subject, but excel in them.

    Trivia: There is a point in time where idol J.P. Rizal had his tutorial. Am I correct to remember that instance?

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