How to Use Google Plus 1 to Promote Your Business

Social networking has time and again proven its capability of having a bigger impact than that of emails. Companies are realising the potential of the social networking sites for attracting new customers. Many of the small and large enterprises are making use of these sites to increase the traffic to their web sites. Social networks have also taken over the traditional emails in terms of popularity apart from its huge impact on internet marketing. Google + 1 is one new social networking site that can be used for the promotion of the online business. The following are some discussions on how to use Google Plus 1 to promote your business.

The Google + 1 button
There are various ways in which Google Plus 1 can be used for the promotion of the online business. The first and the foremost are to make posts on Google Plus, which are to be linked to business or the web site. This will help in getting an increasing number of people familiar with the business and what the business is all about. Apart from this Google Plus 1 can be used effectively by simply adding a Google Plus Button to web site. As the number of people who click the “Plus Button” increases, the web site traffic that the user will get from the social site will also increase. With every click on the button, the web site traffic from the Google search engine will also rise.

The Google Plus Circle
Another simple thing that needs to be taken care of is that the “about” page of the profile has complete information of the business. One unique feature that Google Plus 1 offers is the Google Plus Circles. This allows the users to organise the contacts efficiently and also share things with these contacts. By forming a circle of the business clients, the users can post and share any kind of information pertaining to the business with these clients. This information may include certain important links, photos and videos of the business products, latest product reviews and news, promotions etc.

Optimizing Google Plus 1
Google Plus also offers various options for customization of the links sidebar on the profile page in order to give even more online exposure to the business blog, e-commerce websites etc. RSS feed URL, links to the Twitter or the Facebook pages etc can also be included. Google Plus also allows the users to share their latest product review videos or the latest video blog with the clients.

Client feedback is also extremely important for any business in its infant stage. It also provides a valid proof that the company is a legitimate organisation and that the people who are already using these products and services have rated the level of the service. The posting of all such feedbacks on the Google Plus profile can be of great help for providing the business promoters with credibility and also attract further leads and sales for the business. Thus, if used in the right way, this social networking site can be effectively utilised for the promotion of your business. With the rising importance of online marketing it is extremely important to tap the right kind of sources in order to have the right kind of impact.

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