List of Famous TV Commercials in the Philippines

TV ads and commercials can put lingering taglines in our minds. In effect, these advertising campaigns can bring any product into fame and rising sales or profit. A famous commercial could also make its model an instant celebrity. Usually, only big companies and businesses can afford to put their product promotion on nationwide TV. This is because a recurring ad on TV may costs hundred thousands or millions of pesos. Expensive, isn’t it. But though this marketing campaign costs that high, the return on investment can be so rewarding. In the Philippines, TV commercials are part of the Filipinos way of life. We can see children mimicking commercial jingles and even teenagers having fun of those cool and humorous ads on TV.  The following is a list of famous classic and current TV commercials in the Philippines (in no particular order). You may click the link to Youtube to watch them. Enjoy!

1. Mc Donalds commercial “Karen po”. Who can forget the tagline “Karen po” in the McDonalds TV commercial? In the ad, while eating at McDonalds, Lolo Rudy keeps on mistaking Karen for another grandchild named “Gina”. The ad ends a flattering moment for Karen when her grandfather said that his favorite grandchild is Karen. This commercial made Karen delos Reyes (Karen) an instant celebrity.

2. Camella Homes “Sikip” TV ad (Bulilit, bulilit) — Ganito na kami ngayon. This cute commercial featuring Chacha made Camella Homes famous. Chacha is a cute little girl who thinks that they are still living in their old tiny house, where she can’t stretch her body, but realizes that they are indeed already living in a new spacious Camella home at the end of the ad. The commercial jingle “bulilit, bulilit” became famous among Filipino children.

3. Toni Gonzaga (I Love You Piolo!!) Sprite Commercial. In this Sprite commercial, Tony Gonzaga is a die-hard Piolo Pascual fan and shouted “I Love You, Piolo!”. The ad made Tony popular. Now, Toni Gonzaga is already considered as one of the outstanding young actresses in the Philippines.

4. PLDT NDD ( Suportahan Taka TV Ad 2001 ). Ilonggo dialect line “Ti suportahan taka” (means ‘ I will support you”) became an instant hit tagline. This is one of the most famous ad that captures the heart of many Filipinos. This commercial also gave Christian Vasquez the opportunity to enter in the Showbiz world.

5. Fita TV Philippine AD ( Kahilingan). Humor made this ad so famous, as well as the product. Remember the fairy and the sports car wish?

6. Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Nestea “OK”. Are you familiar with the “Samahan ng malalamig ang Pasko”? Watch this cute and cool commercial with Neil Coleta. This ad also shows great family value.

7. Family Rubbing Alcohol. This is one of the most famous old Filipino product tagline: “Hind lang pampamilya, pang sports pa”.

8. POP COLA Tama Ang Timpla Classic TVC (Aiza Marquez). This sweet and cheesy commercial made Aiza Marquez an instant celebrity and an actress.

9. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog Classic TV Ad –Goodbye Carlo. One of the best classic commercial, this cute chubby girl will choose to stay chubby to stick to her tender juicy hotdog, instead of getting a diet to impress her crush Carlo (who was actually Patrick Garcia).

10. Coke (The Coke Beat Philippine TV Ad 2003). This was the hottest commercial jingle and play during its time. Well, you ought to know the beat.

11. San Miguel Beer Classic TVC 1995 (Sabado Nights). The commercial features Paolo Abrera and the ever gorgeous Ina Raymundo. Both of them became celebrities.

12. Palmolive “I Can Feel It” Classic TVC 1987 (Alice Dixon). I was just six years old when this commercial first hit the Television world. But this is where Alice Dixon and Shiela Ysrael became stars.

13. Bayantel DSL Lola Techie. This is one of the modern commercials in the list. As you will see, Lola is already playing online games. She is later seen as enjoying and clicking the like button in Facebook in the subsequent Bayan DSL commercials.

14. Chippy Commercials. All Chippy commercials are cool. Just watch the rehearsal and the tryout commercials. The spirit of “barkadahan” or friendship is always notable. I love the humor of the “tear here” thing.

15. Lucky Me Pancit Canton Funny TV Ad. This commercial is filled with humor. You will surely have a good laugh and it will take away your sadness. This is why I love Lucky Me commercials. Just watch it.

16. Rebisco Sandwiches “LOLO” TV Commercial. This is personally one of my most favorite TV commercial of all time. It’s so touching and can even make your tears fall down in 30 seconds. Watch and feel.

17. John Lloyd and Bruno Cheesy Greenwich Commercial (Pare, Sobrang Cheesy!). The famous actor stars with a series of cheesy and hilarious commercials. This is one of the early ads on the series. It is an example of an effective commercial that connects two same words with different meanings. I’m talking about a cheesy pizza and a cheesy moment.

18. Dragon Katol Commercial. I’ve included this commercial in the list because the tagline or slogan still remains on my brain despite of its extinction on the TV world a long time ago. Do you still remember this line: “Dragon Khatol, lamok seguradong teypok”?

19. Alaska Milk Philippine Commercial Classic 1974. Well, I don’t remember this commercial, obviously because I was not yet born when this ad appears on TV. However, this TV commercial was one of the most famous during the old days. Watch the kid beating a professional basketball player on a basketball game.

20. Rejoice Philippines – Kering Keri MTV with Kim Chiu. With 1,892,937 views on Youtube as of the date of this post, this TV advertisement deserves to be on the list. The commercial jingle was so popular to teenage girls, just like Kim Chiu.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Philippine TV commercials on the list. They made me a time traveler for a moment, reminiscing the old times when I was a kid sitting on a couch watching my favorite TV shows. I hope our marketers can learn on those commercials and get some brilliant ideas to promote their products or brands not only to customers, but also to people who enjoy great commercials. Finally, I maybe had forgotten other TV commercials which deserve to be listed here. If you have other popular Filipino TV ads in mind, feel free to share them by making a comment below.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. says

    Ano po ba yung commercial na “Seven lang nasagutan ko nag-aral naman ako”sa Lucky me…
    Pabigay po ung LINK nung commercial na hinihingi ko po…Thank You po…for our oral comm.lang po may oral comm. po kse kmi sana po ngayon nyo mabigaty ung LINK…..sobrang makakatulong po kayo pag nasagot nyo po ito….:> Thanks Po ULEET..:> God Bless..:>

    • Vic says

      Is it the Lucky Me! Instant Mami “Pass Your Paper” TV commercial? You can go to Youtube and type the “Lucky Me! Instant Mami Pass Your Paper tvcl” in the search field – you will see the video on that.

  2. says

    Hi, may i just ask, do you know the companies responsible for conceptualizing the commercials above?
    Sinong mga advertising company yung gumawa ng mga commercials yun?
    or baka may alam ka lang na advertising companies na gumagawa talaga ng commercials, tv OR radio, here in the phil.
    Sana may idea ka. Thanks much! :)

    • says

      There are many of them in the Philippines. I know a friend who’s working in Saatchi & Saatchi – an international advertising company that has a branch here in the Philippines. You can also Google a list of them on the Internet.

  3. Dayn says

    Pwede po mag tanong, sino po yung boy sa latest Lucky me! commercial yung kuya niya nasa states then siya schooling and player ng baseball? pwede mo malaman name? =)

  4. patricia says

    hello po gusto ko lang po magtanong kung meron po bang nestea commercial o talent agenies d2 sa laguna near in sta rosa laguna kc mas madali po puntahan kung malapit and kailan po pwede im 11 years old po thank u po

  5. John says

    I just want to ask about the classic tv ad for dunkin donuts wherein the last part shows the bald tatooed guy sitting on a bus with a wrap up ad of a lady. I cannot find it anywhere.

      • John says

        Hi vic, yeah, I spent hours searching for a clip and researching about the title of the ad but to no avail. I wish I can see that ad again. Too bad cellphones with cameras nor ipads were in the market during those days. But if you will bump into some info just post it here, I will check your page from time to time. Thanks!

  6. Merce Duran says

    Hi! I’m trying to look for a Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread commercial from th 70s and have had no luck whatsoever in YouTube. My sister is in this particular commercial and would like to get a copy somewhere. Any tips of where I can go to recover such old footage? The ad had a song “number 1 ang Lady’s Choice…kahit saan, etc”. Really desperate to find it to give it to her as a gift almost 40 years later. Hoping to hear from you. Many thanks.

  7. Freax says

    I’ve search a lot but still i cant find her name,, basta clue ko lang sa TV ad na yun ay”sino ang sikat” title nun, main cast ay si Eugene Domingo by pampers, directed by Chris Martinez.. Tanong ko po sino yung girl na nag ganap na Wise mommy who used Pampers product for his baby? idol ko kasi xa as a mom rule…

    • Glecy says

      Hi po my dati po akong kasambahay who worked for me for 6 months who uses dsal on me to make me not tell her anything on what to do at home…means kulam o pinaamo..i just want to warned the philippines about this persons para di po makapag victima ng iba pa pp pls email me at glecy121(@) tnx

  8. sookie S. says

    Dami pang iba that should be included in your list.

    the sarsi ad “angat sa iba” super lakas ng recall ng jingle nya…even the jollibee “nawawala si Jennifer”, i know a few girls named after that, na sinundan ng “nawawala si bulak”. Even that Jollibee with the dad “sa jollibee…sigurado kang sa jolibee”…just add one egg, isang platitong mani…maybe you can do another list per era? hehe. but then, nice to reminisce those na binanggit mo :)

  9. Angel says

    Hi, I need serious help as i’m going to surprise a friend. Do you have a list of all TV ads starring Christine Jacob? Thanks. Would really appreciate any response.

  10. Alexander says

    Hello…i can’t seem to recall what milk brand used “The Greatest Love of All” as their jingle.

  11. rach says

    ano naman po yung father’s day commercial na cartoons , yung ” you swing me high you swing me low ” touching yun

  12. Niccolie says

    sir tanong ko lang po kung ano name nun commercial sa mcdonalds na my script gusto mo ng magic tapos nag vibrate na cellphone … hinde ko kasi mahanap sa youtube kung may link din kayo pa share naman maraming salamat!

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