List of Tourism Slogans of Countries around the World

In every marketing or advertising campaign, a catching and a memorable slogan plays a vital role to achieving success. With a simple and short phrase, it can attract potential consumers. This is also true in the tourism business and industry. That is why countries, states and cities around the world are investing efforts and money to come up with the best slogan that can attract the most number of tourists and visitors to their place. Of course more tourists mean more revenue for the economy. Just like the famous slogans and taglines of the leading companies and brands in the world, I got curious and interested to know the slogans used by different countries. My inquisitiveness brought me into researching over the Internet and visiting the various official tourism websites of these countries. Consequently, I have compiled a list of tourism slogans of some countries in the world. Enjoy, have fun, and tell me which among them is the simplest, catchiest and most inviting.


Abu Dhabi, UAE – A Destination of Distinction

Australia – There’s nothing like Australia

Bhutan – Bhutan, happiness is a place

Brazil – Sensational Brazil

Brunei – A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

California, USA – Find Yourself Here

Canada – Keep exploring

Croatia – The Mediterranean As it Once Was

Dubai – Definitely Dubai

Egypt – Where it all begins

Greece – Greece, the true experience

Hawaii, USA – The Islands of Aloha

Hongkong – Asia’s Word City

India – Incredible India

Indonesia – Wonderful Indonesia

Israel – Come find the Israel in you

Japan – Endless Discovery

Korea – Korea, Be Inspired

Laos – Simply Beautiful

Macau – Touching Moments Experience Macau

Malaysia – Truly Asia

Maldives – Always Natural

Mexico – The Place You Thought You Knew

Nepal – Naturally Nepal. Once is not enough.

New York, USA – I love New York

New Zealand – 100% New Zealand. 100% Pure You

Peru – Peru. Live the legend

Philippines – It’s more fun in the Philippines

Qatar – As Independent as you are

Singapore – Your Singapore

South Africa – Inspiring New Ways

Switzerland – Get natural

Taiwan – The Heart of Asia

Thailand – Amazing Thailand, Always Amazes You.

Vietnam – Timeless charm


These slogans are taken from the different official tourism websites of the countries listed above. Since slogans are changed over a period of time, they are also to be updated. If you know a country’s tourism slogan that I’ve missed including in the list, please make a comment to share it to us.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. Dennis Balangue says

    I come from the advertising industry as well and I personally like Egypt. Where It All Begins because it simply puts one in the position to say, ‘Oo nga naman.’ (It makes sense. or Yup. That’s true.) It validates what the place is. No question.

    I personally don’t fancy the Philippines’ current tagline because it can easily be countered by a ‘Of course not.’ or ‘I’ll be the judge of that.’ Plus, the campaign is a pandora’s box of sorts. It became a meme more on the negative side wherein double meanings err to the negative side. One example was a visual showing the tourist bus which got hijacked and became international news and was ridiculed for its poor handling which resulted in the deaths of the tourists. It came with the headline ‘Tourism. It’s More Fun In The Philippines.’

    Is it?

    • says

      I agree on what you share Dennis. Actually a good marketing campaign should have the 4Ps of marketing. We can just rely on the promotion, without making our products aligned to what we are advertising. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  2. says

    I am from nepal and proud to be part of the country which is top of the world . cerning the slogan – Naturally Nepal once is not enough seems very fruitful in context of Nepal because it is full of Nature at one point and another because of peoples and neplese hospitality peoples come here frequently.
    i also runs the personal blog and travel around the world every summer .

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