List of Online Jobs in the Philippines

List of online jobsThe comfort of working at home, earning dollars, and flexible working hours are only some of the advantages of having an online job. As long as you have the skills, expertise, and work ethic that employers look for a worker, there is always a job for you on the Internet. Even college students and those who did not finish a college degree can be hired by a company as long as they have the required work experience and they can prove that they can accomplish the job outstandingly.

With the high rate of unemployment in the Philippines, Filipinos don’t need to wait forever to get a job offline. They can always try to utilize the Internet to find the best jobs available for them. The following is a list of top online jobs and industries in the Philippines for your preference:

Writing, editing, and translation
1. Article and press release writer
2. Blog and web content writer
3. Copywriter
4. Creative writer
5. eBook writer
6. Ghost writer
7. Legal transcriptionist
8. Medical transcriptionist
9. Proofreader and editor
10. Speech writer
11. Translator
12. Technical writer

Graphic and design
13. Ad designer
14. Business card designer
15. Brochure and flyer designer
16. eBook cover designer
17. Logo designer
18. Photographer
19. Presentation designer
20. Shirt designer
21. Photoshop editor and designer
22. Website and blog designer

Online marketing
23. Affiliate marketer
24. Blogger
25. Email marketing manager
26. Internet marketing consultant
27. Link builder
28. Online reputation manager
29. SEM/PPC analyst
30. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategist
31. SEO writer
32. Social media community manager

Web and software programming
33. API developer
34. C++ programmer
35. Database administrator
36. Flash designer
37. Java programmer
38. Mobile app (Android/iOS) developer
39. PHP, HTML and CSS programmer
40. Server administrator
41. Website developer
42. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal CMS expert

Business support
43. Accountant and bookkeeper
44. Business consultant
45. Customer service representative
46. Customer relationship manager (CRM)
47. Data entry encoder
48. Financial analyst
49. HR manager
50. Legal assistant
51. Market researcher
52. Project manager
53. Tech support expert
54. Telemarketer
55. Virtual assistant

Audio, video and animation
56. Animation and 2D/3D artist
57. Narrator and voice over
58. Professional videographer
59. Video editor
60. Commercial producer

Tutorial and advice
61. English tutor
62. Life coach
63. Math tutor
64. Online private tutor
65. Parenting adviser
66. Relationship adviser
67. Spiritual adviser
68. Travel adviser
69. WordPress and blogging tutorial

Other industries
70. Civil engineer, building architect, AutoCAD expert
71. Fortune telling
72. Fashion designer
73. Freelance model
74. Poets
75. Real estate agent / marketing representative
76. Song writer

There are still many other jobs that are available online. You can check the list of online jobs available in the top sites for freelancers and professionals, like,,, and Remember that the best online job for you is not measured by how much it pays you or how popular it is. The best online job for you is something that you have the experience, skills, and passion that will help you accomplish that job best.

Do you have any online job in mind that you think we should include in the list? Feel free to make a comment below.


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