Our Best and Top Blog Posts for 2011

I’ve started this blog on January 26, 2011 with the vision to become not only one of the best blogs in the Philippines, but also in the world. I was even asking myself how I could land this blog on the Forbes Magazine. Call me so ambitious, but that’s the spirit in me – I always love to push my limit and stand out from the crowd. But aside from that, this blog was created to promote entrepreneurship in the country and help small business owners anywhere in the world in their day to day entrepreneurial journey by providing them free advices on business, marketing, management, leadership, taxation, personal finance and self-improvement. Now, with this post, we have already written and published 349 posts on this blog. With the brand new year that is fast approaching, I decided to list down our best and top picked blog posts and stories for 2011. If you have missed reading any of them, this is your chance to give yourself time to read on.

1. Most Visited Blog Post
Our most visited blog post for 2011 is a guide article on “How to Compute Withholding Tax on Compensation in the Philippines”. Published on February 22, 2011, this article was already visited 48,322 as of this time of writing. Just imagine if I have 100 blog posts that are like this, my blog would have been visited 4,832,200 times since then! The success of this article is a simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique, that is, write something that many people are searching, but no one is providing. But of course you need to be patient and diligent in compiling this kind of “how to” article. Being an expert to that field is a plus.

2. Most Popular and Highly Influential Blog Post
This goes to our blog post titled “100 Ways to Become a Better Business Person”. Being popular in the social media means being shared and liked in social sites, such as StumbleUpon.com, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. As shown in the social bookmarking button found at the bottom of this post, it has already been stumbled 7,783 times, shared in Facebook 116 times, retweeted 62 times, shared in Linkedin 30 times and Google plus oned 21 times. On Twitter, highly influential Twitter Users Evan Carmichael and Vertical Response have retweeted this post, causing it to gain more retweets. If you’re curious what’s inside with this article, one commenter said it’s like reading a100 books in a single blog post!

3. Most Commented Blog Post
Our group of articles about the Philippine taxation is the most visited and most discussed blog posts on this blog. This is because there are really several Filipino business owners, employees, professionals and online money earners who are not familiar with the Philippine tax system. I’m glad that somehow I was able to help them through this blog. Our most commented blog post is another tax article titled “How to Compute Income Tax in the Philippines. It got more than a 100 comments that I was obliged to create an online forum (BusinessForum.Ph) to address other questions which our blog cannot already accommodate.

4. Most Dedicated Blog Post
Every blog has a cause, and when it comes to our blog, it was created for the purpose of personally, financially, economically and spiritually educate Filipinos and encourage them to fight poverty in the country. Thus, our most dedicated blog post goes to our insightful story about “How to End Poverty in the Philippines”.  This blog post was also recognized as one of the Finalist for the Best Single Post Category Award in 2011 by the Philippine Blog Awards. Let’s be strongly involved in fighting our war against poverty in the country. That war must be won starting in you.

5. Most Shared in Facebook
Our most shared in Facebook blog post was an important article during the time that spammers and attackers are bothering the top social network. I came out with this article to counter the threats spreading in Facebook and help Facebook users protect their accounts from attackers. Our guide titled “22 Tips to Protect You Facebook Account from Hackers” has been shared 173 times in Facebook as of this date.

6. Most Promising Blog Post
This is one of the most recent articles that immediately showed popularity and approval from its readers. Our most promising blog post goes to our article about the16 Things that Followers Want from a Leader.” This blog post, though new, is already pulling consistent traffic from StumbleUpon and other social media networking sites.

7. Most Featured Blog Post
This blog post is actually the one which was included as a reference in an article titled “Small Business Lessons From Recession” by SmallBizTrends.com, one of the leading business blogs in the world. I did not expect that this blog, which is obviously from the Philippines, will catch the attention of International Blogs like SmallBizTrends. But yes, that’s what we are working for. So our most featured blog post is “7 Ways to Come Up with a Brilliant Idea“.

8. Most Interesting Blog Post
Well, this is according to my personal choice. An interesting blog post is one with an interesting title and a fascinating story. Our most interesting blog post goes to our article titled 15 No-Brainer Ways to Succeed in Life”. The title speaks itself. It is a new breed of article that can change the way people view life.

9. Best Blog Post for Personal Finance
This one goes to our article “How to be a Billionaire”. This is not the typical story that you can read anywhere in the Internet or even in the books. Try to read it.

10. Best Blog Post for Managers
When it comes to management, employment and leadership, our blog post “8 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel that You Care has its own magic that can make any manager, employer or leader reevaluate their current ways in dealing with their people or employees. This post aims to promote harmony and productivity in the workplace.

11. Best Blog Post for Entrepreneurs
If I’ll be the one to choose what’s the top post in this blog that I can offer to entrepreneurs, it would be an article that discusses the true meaning of entrepreneurship and how to become one true entrepreneur. Hence, the best blog post for entrepreneurs is our story on “How to Become a Real Entrepreneur “.

12. Best Blog Post for Small Business Owners
I’m always glad and honor to see small business owners who strive on their own to achieve success despite of the economic recession and the lack of support from the government. Thus, I’m always passionate on writing articles about anything that I find will be useful in their journey to economic success. The top article that I can recommend to small business owners is our post about the“100 Business Tips and Tricks for Your Success”.

There they are. I may be chosen some of our best blog posts in many ways, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of our blog posts aren’t at their best. In fact, we have blog posts before that I feel will not pull interest from our blog’s readers, but they surprised us by attracting more readers than we expected. So the conclusion is… you are invited to browse our archives of blog posts for 2011. Thank you for being with us. We will do our best to provide you with even better blog posts in the year 2012.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.

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