Popular Business Ideas for the Christmas Holiday Season

The month of September has just arrived, and we know that this is the start of the four “Ber” months that are coming. This is also the beginning of the counting to the most awaited holiday season of the year – the Christmas season. Christmas is celebrated all over the world and there are many exciting things that everyone is anticipating. Christmas parties, carols, exchanging gifts and more importantly the time to devote oneself to our Savior Jesus Christ are some of the things that make these holidays great.  This season can also be a good opportunity to provide people with the products and services that they need for the special holidays. We know that to love money is not good, but to love helping people by providing them what they need is just a wise act that gives anyone a decent profit in return. The following is a list of popular business ideas for the Christmas holiday season.

1. Ham making business – Ham is one of the most favorite dishes during the Christmas Eve.

2. Queso de bola (edam cheese) business – a good dish on the table during Christmas.

3. Puto Bumbong and Bibingka Business – the favorite food and snack for people who attend the Simbang Gabi or Mesa de Gallo.

4. Lechon (roasted pig, roasted chicken) business – Lechon is an all time Filipino dish.

5. Pancit (bihon, canton, palabok, miki, etc.) business – Pancit represents long life.

6. Cakes and pastries baking business – We love cakes.

7. Chocolate and candy business – Kids love chocolates and candies. They expect them on Christmas and even on the Christmas trees.

8. Fruit stand – People will look for different fruits for their fruit salad and fruit diet.

9. Wines, beers and soft drink retail business – In a great occasion like this, these beverages are on a high demand.

10. Food catering services – Nowadays, people are often so busy. That is why they will go for a food catering rather than cook and serve their own dishes during the fest.

11. Mini groceries – you can provide all the simple needs of your neighbors like cooking ingredients.

12. Christmas craft and décor business – Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Tinsel, bells, candles and Christmas parols are just some of the examples of Christmas décor you can make and sell to people.

13. Christmas giveaways – You can make deals with companies to manufacture their Christmas corporate giveaways for their clients and customers.

14. Personalized item business – the best gift one can give is something that is a personalized item.

15. Freight forwarding – Christmas gifts from other places should arrive to their recipient at the right time.

16. Travel agency – People are coming home this Christmas, and they need an effective and efficient transportation.

17. Money lending – Every occasion needs a financial budget.

18. Money transfer – People are sending not only goods, but also money.

19. Event organizing – Expect events on the Holidays, such as Christmas parties and concerts and other events that attract a crowd.

20. Event hosting – Corporate parties need an entertaining host.

21. Video coverage service – Great memories need to be captured through moving pictures

22. Photography – Well, photographs are must especially that everyone want to upload them on their Facebook.

23. Sound systems – Street parties need a good sound system.

24. Music and dance performing – If you are a musician, have a band or a dance group, then you and your group can be guest performers in every events that might need your talents.

25. Choreography service – expect students and employees to search for a dance instructor to choreograph them on their Christmas presentations.

26. Venue leasing – if you own a good venue for party and other Christmas events, then you can make profit from rental income.

27. Christmas Bazaar (RTW and other items) – Christmas is also a time for shopping those items.

28. Toy store – Kids and children are expecting new toys on the Christmas Eve.

29. Electronics and gadgets (cell phones, cameras, etc.,) retailing – I want a new cell phone, as well as a new laptop on Christmas Day.

30. Gadget accessories retailing – Our gadgets also need new accessories.

31. Christmas party invitation cards – Parties won’t be filled with guests without nice invitation cards.

32. Christmas card business – No need to explain further.

33. Gift wrapping and paper bags – Gifts are all around the corner.

34. Jewelry business – For people who want a very special gift to their loved ones.

35. Fireworks – A symbol of prosperity. This is an in demand product for this season.

36. LPGs – Lots of cooking is done during the Christmas season.

37. Water refilling business – an all time great product can also be great during the season.

38. House repair, painting and construction services – People want to make their house beautiful during this period.

39. Cell phone loading business – Christmas season is the time for connecting people. Cell phone load for calling and making texts are surely in demand.

40. Blogging and publishing – You can make a blog on the Christmas niche and publish all contents (articles, videos, photos) about Christmas. You can then monetize it through Google Adsense, affiliate programs and other Internet marketing that can turn your traffic into profit.

Choose your passion and start the business which you can serve best. If you think we have missed any business idea (a big or a small business idea, or an offline or online business idea) that should be included in the list, you can share it to us by making a comment below.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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