SSS Contribution Table and Deadline of Payments

The Social Security System (SSS) contribution table is the schedule of the members’ monthly salary bracket and their corresponding employers’ share on contributions and total monthly contributions to be remitted with the SSS for employees, self-employed (SE) members, voluntary members (VM) and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Employers, employees, SE members, VMs and OFWs need to look on this table to determine the amount they should contribute to the SSS.

Below is the current SSS Contribution Table as of the date of this post:

New SSS Contribution Schedule
Please click the image to view a larger version.

To learn more on how to use the schedule above, please read our sample in our post titled “How to Compute SSS Contributions in the Philippines”.

For the SSS contribution deadlines, please read the following:


The new deadline for contributions or member loans

1. For regular employers (ERs)

SSS deadline for regular employers

For example, if the ER ID number is 03-1234567-8-012, the payment deadline for both contributions and member loans for the applicable month of June shall be on July 25.

2. For household employers (HRs), self-employed (SE) and voluntary members (VM)

SSS deadline for HR SE and VM

For example, if the SS number is 01-23456789-9, the payment deadline for both contribution and member loans for the applicable month of June or quarter ending June, in case of quarterly payments for self-employed and voluntary members, is July 31.

3. For OFW members
The OFW members are not affected by the new policy of deadlines issued recently by the SSS. Hence, the OFW members can pay anytime during the applicable year for January to December contributions; or until January 31 of the following year for October to December contributions.

Note: In case the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, payment may be made on the next working day. Otherwise, penalties shall be imposed on the late contribution and member loan payments of employers and late member loan payments of self-employed and voluntary members; while late contributions payments of self-employed and voluntary members shall be applied prospectively.

The frequency of payment shall remain on a monthly basis for regular and household ERs, and on a monthly or quarterly basis for self-employed and voluntary members. Payments on a quarterly basis shall mean payments for all three months in a calendar quarter (i.e. March, June, September, and December).



    • Noel Flores says

      Thanks for the response.

      In this case, I am also allowed to register with Pagibig and Philhealth right? I am processing my permits as sole proprietor and SSS is mandatory, then that means I should register as self-employed and not as voluntary member?

  1. patricia alingasa says

    is a voluntary member required to follow the standard table for contribution? like monthly salary credit is Php 8,000.00 but we opt to start with a lower contribution .

  2. Bave Ann says

    Hello po! I would like to ask if its possible for me to continue my contribution, my last contribution was december 2007. Now i am living in Norway and married to a foreigner and i decided to continue paying my contribution as a voluntary member is it ok if i will pay the highest contribution which is 1560, I’m a student here and i dont have job yet.

  3. John Paul F. Garrovillas says

    I have a salary loan issued last July 2013. However, I resigned with my work last November. But as indicated in the voucher, the first (1st) month amortization of my loan must be paid by September. My company deducted my salary for the first payment but when I check my SSS online, my previous company did not settle my account and it interest for 2 months now. My question is: the overdue payment indicated online is not updated, how can I compute the exact amount I need to settle by December 2013 so that I can voluntarily pay my loan for the meantime that I dont have a job.

  4. margiel says

    hello po sir/ madam ask ko lng po if pwede po bang bayaran yong late na bayad 1year po [2013] ngayon. magakano po kaya if sakali. voluntary member po. salamat po

  5. Elgiliza says

    I am a voluntary member, and I want to increase my monthly contribution, what should i do? Please advise, thanks!

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