The Largest and Biggest Companies in the Philippines

What are the largest and biggest companies in the Philippines? If you have a company of your own, you may be interested to know which among the big corporations of our country have made it to the top each year. Every year, the sales, profits, assets and market value of a certain company change. Some companies enjoy growth while others suffer declining figures. It is also fascinating to know how the top Philippine companies are ranked when it comes to world rankings. The Forbes Global 2000 list for 2011 has included four (4) Philippine companies. This is an improvement from the 2010 list which only included three (3) of our nation’s publicly-held companies (#1080 PLDT, #1566 San Miguel and #1707 SM Investments). For 2011, the following are the four companies which are ranked among the top 2000 of the world’s biggest, largest and leading companies. They are also considered the top companies in the Philippines according to the Forbes list.


1. San Miguel Corporation

As of March 2011, the Philippine largest beverage company took over the no. 1 position from PLDT as the largest company in the country. From no. 1,566 in the global 2000 list last year, it has risen to no. 901 this year. San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is a Philippine-based food, beverage and packaging Company. Its product portfolio includes beer (the popular San Miguel Beer), hard liquor, and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, processed and packaged food products, meat, poultry, flour, dairy products and a number of packaging products. It is also engaged in the development and management of real estate properties. San Miguel Corporation has strategic partnerships with international companies, among them Nihon Yamamura Glass Company, Ltd., Hormel Foods International Corp. of the United States and Kirin Holdings Company Ltd. of Japan. Currently, the company has 14,593 employees. Its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.

Rank and financial information:
World rank 2011: # 901
World rank 2010: # 1,566
Sales: $5.5 B
Profits: $446 M
Assets: $19 B
Market Value: $8.7 B


2. PLDT – Philippine Long Distance Company

PLDT, the leading company in the Philippines last year (based on the Forbes Global List 2010), has dropped next to San Miguel. From no. 1,080 in the global list last year, it downed to the 1,297th rank. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is a telecommunications service provider in the Philippines. The Company offers diversified range of telecommunications services across the Philippines’ fiber optic backbone and wireless, fixed line and satellite networks. PLDT is a fixed line service provider in the Philippines with over 60% of the total reported fixed line subscribers nationwide as of December 31, 2009. Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), one of the leading cellular service providers in the Philippines is a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT. The Company currently employs 28,770 people, with its CEO Napoleon Nazareno.

Rank and financial information:
World rank 2011: # 1,297
World rank 2010: # 1,080
Sales: $3.2 B
Profits: $892.8 M
Assets: $6.4 B
Market Value: $9.4 B


3. SM Investments

The shopping mall icon remains at no. 3, though it has increased its rank in the global list from no. 1,707th to 1,428th. SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) is the holding company of the SM Group of Companies. It is engaged in five businesses through its subsidiaries: shopping mall development and management (SM Prime Holdings, Inc.), retail (SM Department Stores, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and SaveMore Stores); financial services (Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. and China Banking Corporation), and real estate development and tourism (SM Land, Inc., SM Development Corporation, Costa Del Hamilo, Inc., Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, Inc. and Highlands Prime, Inc.) and hotels (SM Hotels, SMX Convention Specialists, Hotel Specialists – Tagaytay, Cebu and Manila). The company currently has 65,187 employees. Its current CEO is Harley Sy, one of the sons of tycoon Henry Sy.

Rank and financial information:
World rank 2011: # 1428
World rank 2010: # 1707
Sales: $4 B
Profits: $408.5 M
Assets: $8 B
Market Value: $7.1 B


4. Manila Electric Company (Meralco)

A newcomer in the Global 2000 list for 2011, Meralco adds up to the list of the Philippine companies which made it to the Global list. Manila Electric Company (Meralco) is engaged mainly in the distribution and sale of electric energy through its distribution network facilities in its 50 franchise areas in Metro Manila and in six surrounding provinces. Its business are organized in three segments: the power distribution segment which is involved in the distribution and supply of electricity covering franchise areas in the Luzon region; the real estate segment which is involved in real estate development and leasing, and the services segment which is involved principally in engineering, construction and consulting services, e-transaction services and insurance. The company is currently employing 6,112 people. Meralco’s current CEO is Manuel Pangilinan.

Rank and financial information:
World rank 2011: # 1893
World rank 2010: N/A
Sales: $5.5 B
Profits: $215 M
Assets: $4.2 B
Market Value: $5.9 B

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