Why Personal Branding is Important for Your Business

Just brandBusiness owners usually focus on building up their business brand. A business brand is what makes a company’s business, product or service unique and distinct among others. It is what people or consumers know about your business, which could be identified through your trade name, logo, design, symbol, word of mouth, and anything that could be used to identify your business. But what about building up your personal brand? Does it help your business?

Personal branding is just like business branding. The only difference is that in personal branding, your focus is on establishing your personal identity rather than the identity of your business. Personal branding is important for professionals who want to promote their career and market themselves to the best employers out there. But personal branding is not only for professionals or job seekers. Business owners and entrepreneurs also have to establish their personal brand to promote their business or enterprise.

A powerful brand can build and promote another brand. A person who has already built his personal brand could easily promote his business than a person who has not yet established his personal brand. This is why the people who are already popular or have already established authority and credibility for themselves could be more effective and efficient to convince people to favor their business or products.

Consumers don’t just do business with your business, but they also deal with the people behind your business. They are interested to not only your business reputation, but also to your reputation, integrity, and credibility as a person. Hence, your personal brand matters a lot to your business.

Personal branding is very important for small business owners and entrepreneurs because it could make their small business big amidst the tough competition. Unlike big corporations, whose brands are already recognized widely, small business brands have to be established yet. However, this gap of business branding could be compensated through personal branding. In other words, if you own a small business and your business brand is not yet big, but you have already a big name, you could take your small business brand with you to make it big along with your personal brand.

Many business owners become successful because of their personal brand. For example, expert bloggers and book authors who have already established a personal brand or expertise on their industry are able to attract more customers or clients to their business.

There are many ways to build your personal brand. You can establish your personal brand by being an expert blogger, book author, thought leader, or community influencer.

If you own a restaurant business, you could start blogging and be a top food blogger to establish your name in the food and restaurant industry. If you manage an accounting firm, you could also start blogging in the business and finance category to establish your credibility and expertise in your industry. If you’re a real estate business owner, you can blog about useful topics covering the real estate industry and start attracting followers who trust your knowledge and expertise.

Personal branding is very important to achieving your business success because, as the owner of your business, you have to develop yourself first before you could actually develop your business. Customers would always be interested to the person behind the business they are dealing with. Thus, don’t just focus on building your business brand, but also consider on establishing your persona brand. Remember that if you could combine your personal brand with your business brand, you could have a very powerful brand.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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