51 Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

Here is a list of small home-based business ideas you can start in the Philippines with small capital. There are fifty one ideas you can choose on. But be sure that you have the sufficient skills, talents, experience and passion to do and run these concepts successfully.  You can do them on part-time, or if time doesn’t pressure you, you can also try to concentrate and give your full time. If you are currently employed with a certain company or employer, you might consider holding a little more time before you leave your regular job. There is always a right time and season for everything, including the escape from your office cubicle. Now, if you’re unemployed, or even if you’re employed but have controlled the risk of investing your time to business, the following ideas are for your consumption.

1. Sari-sari store. This is a common small business idea in the country. If you don’t have a strong competitor, you can make a living from your sari-sari store.

2. Cellphone load business. Filipinos are one of the top cellphone texters on Earth. Cellphone load is always in demand.

3. Tutorial business. Teach and share your knowledge, education and expertise.

4. Barbecue sale. Whether it’s a pork barbecue, chicken, hotdog, or even “isaw” (grilled chicken intestines), there is a market of Filipino BBQ lovers waiting for you.

5. Baking, cakes, pastries, putos, leche plans etc., You can sell this to your friends, their friends and to the friends of their friends’ friends. Make sure to bake the best to achieve an effective word-of-mouth marketing among your consumers.

6. Landscaping. We love to see a beautiful and relaxing garden in our backyard.

7. Website design and development. Every enterprise wants to have an online presence. Grab the opportunity.

8. Blogging and other online businesses. You can truly do this at home. Check out our list of online business ideas here.

9. Consulting. Be a consultant on your chosen profession i.e., business, marketing, management, finance, engineering, beauty, health, et cetera.

10. Desktop publishing. If you’re good in CorelDraw, Adobe Pagemaker and other desktop publishing applications, you can offer your services to certain clients.

11. Catering. Filipinos are traditional, who loves to celebrate fiestas, birthdays, binyag (baptism) and other events. You can take the responsibility of cooking and serving food to their visitors.

12. Photography. If you love photography and have bought a nice DLSR camera for your hobby, you can also use it to earn money by offering digital photography service. Just make sure you also have an editing software to enhance your photos and knows how to do it well.

13. Wedding planner. Every woman or a bride wants to make their wedding perfect. Of course it only happens once in a lifetime (ideally and religiously). Thus, you can be the one who will make sure that everything will happen as planned and as desired.

14.  Video coverage. HD videos are great memorabilia for any great moments and occasions such as wedding, debuts, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events.

15. Custom jewelry creation. Maximize your skills in designing jewelries, whether it’s metal or precious stones.

16. Gift baskets making. Make people’s presence more presentable.

17. Direct selling. You can be an Avon dealer or a Natasha dealer.

18. Insurance sales. If you have the skills in direct marketing, you can sell insurance (e.g., life insurance, educational plan and car insurance) to different clients.

19. Real estate brokerage. You can be a real estate agent or a license real estate broker. Read how to apply for a real estate broker with the Department and Industry (DTI).

20. Telemarketing and customer service. You can utilize your telephone at home for telemarketing and customer service. Just be sure you know how to speak English fluently.

21. Appliance repair. Make your neighbor’s TVs, refrigerators, air-cons, and other appliances working again.

22. Beautician. This may include hair dressing, pedicure, manicure, facial, massage and other related services.

23. Accounting and bookkeeping. Businessmen are so busy that they don’t like the burden of doing their accounting and accomplishing their compliance with the different government agencies. If you have a background in accounting, you can do the recording of their business transactions and accomplish their compliance with the BIR, SSS, Mayor’s Office, SEC and other government regulatory agencies.

24. Wood working. Showcase your creative designs of cabinets and other furniture made from wood.

25. Candle making. You can consign your scented candles in the malls and department stores.

26. Ceramics. People love to decorate their homes with beautiful ceramics.

27. Sewing / Dressmaking. If you’re really good in dressmaking you can make a good deal with companies for their corporate uniforms.

28. Dance instructor. Teach others to dance while earning money.

29. Music instructor. You can give vocal lessons and teach aspiring musicians how to play musical instruments, such as piano and guitar.

30. Self-defense instructor. If you’re a black belter or a master of martial arts, you can teach kids, women and everyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves from persons who bring danger.

31. Dog training. If you can teach your own dog with amazing tricks, you may also consider teaching the dogs of other people.

32. Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service. You can provide free pickup and delivery service for people who wants to avail of your dry cleaning laundry services.

33. Employee training. If you’re an HR management person, you can be a facilitator of employees training, like team-building.

34. Recruitment. This may involve executive search and recruiting prospective employees for companies who are seeking for personnel to hire.

35. Writing, proofreading and editing. You can write contents, such as articles and press releases for website owners who want to have quality contents for their sites. You can also offer proofreading and editing services for those who write their own contents.

36. Portrait painting. Your job is to paint a personalized depiction of a woman, man, child or a dog.

37. Invitation printing. Weddings, birthday, anniversaries, corporate events, they need to have appealing invitation cards.

38. Software programming. If you’re an IT savvy and one who can create useful software, you may want to offer companies to customize computer programs for their specific needs. You can also create generalized software or scripts and sell it online.

39. Life coach. If you have the power in your words and you’re a great motivator, then you might be suitable for helping people in improving and developing their personal lives.

40. Travel agency. The travel industry is booming. You can sell travel packages which include airfare and hotel accommodations.

41. T-shirt design. This requires your artistry, creativity and marketing talents.

42. Encoding and data entry. If you have a computer and a good Internet connection, you may offer encoding services to assist clients in this tedious work.

43. Welding. If you don’t like woodworking, you can choose automotive and welding.

44. Computer repair. The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) offers computer technician training. There are many computers to be repaired from household to offices.

45. Cellphone repair. If you do this at home, you can save from rental expense and can offer lower prices for repairing your customers’ mobile phones. However, you need to exert extra effort in marketing and promoting your services. Start from your close friends and those online friends from your Facebook account. You may also consider distributing flyers.

46. Product review. There are companies who will pay you for giving a test dive of their products, such as computer games, movies and books. You can also commission large review companies and be their freelance product reviewer.

47. Poultry farming. Consider pigs, chickens and eggs if you have an ample backyard.

48. Garage sales. As the name suggests, you need to sell everything you can sell in your garage.

49. Billing and collection services. You can be the one who sends statements of account, letter of demands, and the one who calls and follow-up billing of you clients’ customers.

50. Potted plants. If you really love potted plants, flowers and gardening, this is a green idea. Every day is Earth Day.

51. Polling and surveying. Last but not the least, you might want to consider providing the statistical information needed by companies for their existing or new product’s promotion. If you own a popular blog or website, you can take paid surveys online at the convenience of your finger tips.

If you have other home-based business ideas in mind, please consider sharing it by making a comment below. For more detailed information on each of the ideas listed above, feel free to ask questions.

Update: It’s already year 2013, check out this 100 business ideas and opportunities for 2013 which I have recently published on this blog for you to gain more ideas for your business startup.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


  1. jaki says

    i would like to know if there’s a need for me to apply for business name with DTI or business permit from the municipality for a homebased baking cakes business, where we just do the baking in the house and just accept orders through online like Facebook and Multiply, etc.

    Please fill me in with details

  2. Vic says

    @ Jaki
    If you want to have a registered trade name for your business aside from your “personal name”, which will also be the name that will appear on your official receipts, then you should register at DTI to secure that trade name. BTW, are you registered with the BIR?

  3. Michael says

    Hello Vic! Regarding Accounting/Bookkeeping business, Can a CPA, registered with the PRC, sign on financial statements and audit reports for his clients? If not, what are the requirements for the CPA? Or, does a CPA have to obtain a BIR Accreditation before he can sign these? Or, is there other requirements for the CPA before he is authorized to perform such functions? Please enlighten me on this before I go into this business. Thank you very much.

    • says

      Hi Michael. Before a CPA can sign on FS, Board of Accountancy (BOA) and BIR Accreditation as Tax Agent are generally necessary. In some industries, it would require another accreditation like SEC, CDA, BSP, Insurance Commission, etc. It gambles its CPA license if it would sign an audited financial statement without them. In securing the accreditations, certain documentations will be required. You may please refer to the respective agencies for these requirements.

      • Manuel says

        Hi Sir, pag mag setup po ng bookkeeping business, kelangan pa ba ng Mayor’s Permit kahit home based lang? Thanks.

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing these great home-based business ideas. It was really helpful especially on the research project I was working on. I am sure many readers will profit from these ideas, and be inspired to start their own home-based business.

  5. says

    I like 3, 7, 8, 9, 39.:) Thank you for providing people who want to start a home-based business with these great ideas, from very simple to complicated, technical stuff. Most do not even require leaving your current job! Now, to put these ideas into action…

    • Vic says

      Thanks for dropping by Annete. I’m glad you’re also with us in promoting Filipino entrepreneurs. I had a quick visit to your blog, and I hope you continue it. More power to you.

  6. says

    Thank you for the tips on how to start a home-based business. I’ll check on your site always.I also have a blog for business ideas. Click my name to check it out.

    • Vic says

      Hi Jayson,
      I just visited your blog. I love your template – it’s professional and just perfect for the business niche. I’m glad that you put a daily Bible verse widget on your sidebar. To your success!

  7. jonna says

    i am thrilled that i’ve found your blog sir. each topic is truly worth reading! allow me pls. to share my new found love.because of my intense desire to have my own business way back in high school, and out of passion in designing my own tees/blouses, i launched my own t shirt printing.through this, i can express my ideas in an unlimited ways. it’s doing great and i’ve been receiving good feedback so far. considering it’s just 1 and a half month old, i’ve been receiving orders of about 8 shirts weekly. the excitement of this home based business is totally overwhelming. i just have to be very analytical on how i manage my time since i am still a full time employee and at the same time a graduating student (i am going to march this April and am so excited..heheheh) selling this to my classmates and office mates as well is really easy. who doesn’t wear shirts anyway? i’m currently in the process of trying to figure out whether will I render my last 30 days in the office after my graduation.

    • Vic says

      Hi Jonna,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I see your passion as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is really a big challenge, and in order to achieve bigger success, you need to make bigger sacrifices. But it’s up to you, you can feel it. Perhaps just continue learning and learning. And when the time comes that you are confident enough to go full time – then you can go. Just remember that the most successful entrepreneurs have sacrifice a lot. Just think how Bill Gates and Mark Z. dropped out their Harvard college just to pursue on their passion for business. There are others who are ready to face hungers – just to pursue.

  8. Lyn says

    hi sir Vic,

    ang saya saya ko ng makita ko ang blog na to especially yung #19. I am planning to take a real estate brokers exam kasi next year at iniisip ko to start muna dito sa bahay. as i would start at my own sa business or real estate industry i don’t think i can afford to rent my own office na agad agad so tuwang tuwa ako na possible pala na home base muna ako magstart without sacrificing my credibility kasi I can register my business with DTI naman pala kahit di pa ako big time. may iba pa ba akong namiss? i am super excited na and i can’t wait to start my little business by next year. keep it up po. sana mas marami pang Filipinos and mainspired na magbusiness:D

  9. Nikki says

    Hi! May you recommend a website where I can post the availability of my layout design services? Or any website that’s available locally where freelancers can share their professional services?


    • Vic says

      Hi, I am not sure about them because I have not tried them. But you can social media, such as Facebook and Linkedin. You can also try blogging, using WordPress and Blogger free account. You can try to create a Facebook page where you can promote your services locally.

  10. Veejay says

    Sir, may idea ka po ba kung kailangan pa ng mayor’s permit ang mobile bar.? Sa bahay lang ako. Parang catering lang din. Pa events events. Di ko sure kung kelangan ng mayors permit ang bir dagil wala anaman akong uupahang place.

    Thanks sir.

    • says

      Usually any business should secure mayor’s permit, especially when it comes to the food servicing. Some BIR jurisdictions require a Mayor’s permit before registering their business with the BIR. Cities have different ordinances, so it’s better if you can inquire with your Mayor’s office.

  11. Yen says

    Hi! Can you recommend any legitimate work from home online job? I’ve seen lots of online job and they asked us to pay something to start the job. But the question are they legitimate not a scam.

  12. Maridel says

    Hi, i am planning to rent out my 2nd house which is still under mortgaged. Do i need to register this with dti and bir? will these agencies require me to show the title since it’s a rent-a-home business?

    what if i rent it out without having it registered first, is it illegal? and, can i just issue temporary receipts while still waiting for it to be registered or until i fully own the house? Thanks a lot for your help! cheers!

  13. Ivy Cantos says

    Hi, im starting a photobooth / PVC printing business which is only home based. Can you please guide me on the permits that i need to process for this? I need to be able to issue official receipt as well. What should i do? Thanks so much!

  14. Ivy says

    Hi! we’re planning to start a nursing center.. will start doing it for free and maybe just accept donations.. we are RNs.. do we need to register this? or permit? What should we do? Thanks for the tips!

  15. says

    I would like to share as well that if you have passion for something or you have the skill in doing something, you can start writing about it or documenting how you do it.
    I am sure somebody out there wants to know how to learn about your skill. That way you can attract interested people and gain following.

  16. John says

    Hi I just want to share my situation here. I have an offshore client (India) and he is proposing that we partner in a business here in the country. This business is somewhat like your #42 I guess. So again, he is proposing that I establish a company here and the company will be in partnership with him even if he is in India. He is asking me to consult a chartered accountant, someone who manages accounting and taxing and ask the person how we can register a company with him being in India. Can you tell me what this chartered accountant is? Or at least tell me if the partnership is possible and what are the steps that I will do to make this business partnership a reality.


    • Russel says

      CPA in the Philippines is the equivalent for chartered accountant in India. For possibility of partnership, it depends on what business you will be putting up since you may encounter a challenge with regard to ownership structure as Philippines law has certain restriction on ownership which includes 100% Filipino ownership and 60-40% ownership rule. There are ways to comply with those requirements but a lawyer or an experienced CPA are those in better position to assist you on that matter. If not available, ofcourse certain blogs like this site will help you a lot.

  17. Renegade says

    It depends. If you sell your products to friends and acquaintances only and have no plans of expanding, there’s no need for practical reasons. But if you have plans to make this business expand, have your cake carry a brand, then it is highly advised that you secure the necessary permits from DTI, BFAS, BIR AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES.

  18. says

    If you’re tired of always having to budget and would want to be financially stable, then a home based business might be a great idea.But of course, starting one online isn’t something you can do at a snap of a finger, so here are some ideas for a home based business that you can use to begin your online career:

  19. Jenny says

    I would like to know how much capital do I need to put up a home-based travel agency and what do I need to start the business? Do you know where I can get a short training on this? Thanks and more power.

    • says

      You can check out Business Coach, Inc. page below, and inquire about their upcoming seminar on starting a travel and tour business.

  20. says

    I’d like to add on the list the affiliate marketing. It can be done at the very comfort of your home. Being a virtual assistant is another one or maybe an encoder online. There are bunch of sidelines you can do online.

  21. Rider1228 says

    Hi Sir Vic

    trying hard to put up small home base business till i reach this blogs, interesado ako s dry cleaning service, how much poh kaya starting capital and pano ko malalaman nah click sya sa lugar namin.. i am residing sa loob ng mid class subdivision, most ng home owner ay employed.. aside poh sa laundry business may ibah pa poh b kayo suggestion.. thank you

  22. says

    Hi Vic,
    I hope its a good day to start . I wanted to start an online business with my own personal products,
    i want to know how much would it cost to create an online marketing website with someone maintaining the site for me. I believe you are an experts on this as I read most of your write-up about digital marketing. I have been following your blog and i am surprised to find out only a few weeks ago that you are based in Tacloban . I guess it will be difficult to reach you .
    Thanks and Best Regards,

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