Top Online Marketing Jobs in the Philippines

Online marketing jobsIf you’re passionate about promoting a business, product or service on the Internet, and you have the knowledge and expertise in influencing an audience to make favorable customer actions, then online marketing may be the right job for you. Filipinos can actually earn dollars without leaving the Philippines or even without leaving their home. Through the Internet, they can now serve both foreign and local employers who may need their expertise right at their home office. There are already a number of Filipinos who are enjoying highly reasonable income or salary by providing online marketing services to different companies and employers. If you like to work as an online marketer, here are some of the top online marketing jobs in the Philippines:

1. Affiliate marketer
Affiliate marketers or publishers earn money online through commission they earn for every customer they bring to a company or merchant. The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote a merchant’s product or service in his own website, blog, social network pages, email and other online network to generate sales leads. An affiliate marketer is usually an independent party from the merchant or affiliate network as he is only responsible for marketing a product and is not responsible for the sale transaction between the customer and the merchant.

2. Blogger
Bloggers are among the favorite people that most companies run after when they want to promote or advertise their products on the Internet. Companies need bloggers to write a blog post about their brand with the objective to gain traffic and increase visibility on the search engines. They pay bloggers an amount of money per post. Some companies also hire bloggers to regularly write blog posts and maintain their business blogs – they usually pay bloggers per hour of work. Companies are usually requiring a blogger to be knowledgeable in self-hosted WordPress, which is one of the most preferred blogging software or CMS by most businesses.

3. Content writer
There are several jobs online for writers. But for Internet marketing purposes, clients look for writers who can write content that are optimized for search engines or optimized to engage potential and current customers. Business owners hire writers to create content for their websites and blogs. Writers are usually paid per word or per number of words in one article, which can range from $5 to $100 per 500-word article based on the qualifications of the writer.

4. Online customer relationship manager
Online marketing is not all about online advertising or promotion of a product. Internet marketing is also about maintaining a good and lasting relationship with customers. That is why businesses hire customer relationship managers to manage their continuing interactions with current and prospective customers. Their activities include post-sale customer support, rewarding loyal customers, and analysis of clients’ feedback and demographics to serve them better.

5. Email marketer
Email marketers are responsible for direct communication with existing and potential customers through emails. They also manage the list of emails in the database of their clients and implement strategies to increase them. Email marketers must also be knowledgeable with the best tools, software, and email marketing services on the Internet for fast and effective email marketing campaigns. They should also have good sales communication skills to engage with current and future customers.

6. Internet marketing consultant
Not all small business owners have the knowledge in Internet marketing. That is why they will seek the help of an Internet marketing consultant to guide them and help them grow their small business online. Also, big companies will always hire an Internet marketing consultant to help them tap the online market to grow more. Internet marketing consultants are knowledgeable in almost all the aspects of online marketing to be able to know the best strategies, techniques, and tactics they can recommend to a company to achieve its goals.

7. Online reputation manager
Online reputation managers are the ones who are in charge in monitoring the integrity and reputation of a business or brand over the Internet, which could be viewed on blog entries, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.,) comments, and other places online. Their objective is to lessen or totally avoid negative mentions about their clients, and instead uphold the positive image of their clients on the Internet. With the coming elections in the Philippines, we can expect that politicians will seek the services of online reputations managers.

8. Paid search / PPC expert
Many companies want to earn maximum visibility online by spending money on paid search marketing campaigns, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. They hire PPC (pay-per-click) advertising experts to do tasks, such as keyword research, competition analysis, PPC campaign management, bidding, geo targeting, landing page design, and more. The objective of a PPC expert is to gain maximum visibility of their client’s website on the SERPs (search engine result pages), drive traffic, convert them to customers, and generate revenue.

9. SEO expert
Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses and websites attract organic traffic. It is the process of improving a website’s structure, content, title, keywords, navigation, inbound links, and other elements to rank higher or to appear on the top of SERPs (like that of Google) in order to drive traffic and increase revenue. This process can be done for free, unlike PPC advertising and other paid search engine marketing campaigns. However, not all companies have the people to do SEO. That is why they hire SEO experts to implement SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics to achieve their marketing objectives.

10. Social media manager
The Internet crowds today are seen on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube. That is why many companies are concentrating their marketing efforts on the social media to get attention from their target audience. They are hiring social media marketers to do a market research, competition analysis, viral marketing campaign, and other social media marketing practices to promote their business on those social networking sites. They are also hiring social media community managers to maintain their social media presence and connection to the public, like in their Facebook pages, groups, and community forums. The tasks of a social media manager includes updating Facebook page status, posting regular tweets on Twitter, answering followers’ comments, and encouraging more people to join and grow their community.

There are still other online marketing jobs that are available on the Internet which are not included above. But to choose what’s best for you, you should assess yourself first what kind of online jobs can you really accomplish best. You should also make sure that you are passionate about it and you have the skills, expertise, and experience to do it with quality and excellence.

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