The Winners of 2013 Philippine Elections

Philippine 2013 electionOn May 13, 2013, the people of the Philippines who are registered voters will exercise their right to vote. And before that, everyone can also exercise their right of freedom of expression to endorse or defend the political candidates whom they believe are worthy to win and serve the Filipino people.

After the elections, here comes the vote tallying to determine who the winners are in the May 2013 Philippine elections.

But who really the winners are in every Philippine election? Are they the senatoriables who will earn a seat in the senate after the elections? Are they the district or partly-list representatives whose hands will be raised and will earn a position in the house of congress? Or are they the candidates who will earn the position of a governor, mayor or other local government leadership seats?

The truth is that the real winners in the Philippine elections could be the Filipino people. However, they could also be the real losers.

Filipino voters could actually claim their victory right on the moment they will make their vote. Voters who will make a right and honest vote automatically become a winner and an honorable person. On the other hand, voters who cannot stand or honor their true votes (perhaps because of money) will not gain honor and value of life for themselves.

So the question is… when you’re done with your vote and you go out from the voters’ precinct, did you feel like a real winner or not? If you have followed who your pure heart really wants to vote, I bet you would go out fulfilled and satisfied whether the candidate you’ve voted will win or lose.

The whole nation and the Filipino people must also win the elections substantially and actually, and not only emotionally or according to the state of mind of the people. Our country should experience actual growth and development so that the Philippines and the Filipino people will enjoy victory. However, this kind of victory cannot be quickly achieved.

We cannot immediately tell who the actual winners of the elections are just after the results of the vote tallying are announced. We can only tell who the actual winners are after their terms of service in our government ended. If their terms of service ended without a significant development contributed to our nation, then we lose. On the other hand, if they have done enough to bring our nation or the political subdivision they lead to progress, then we can consider ourselves winner!

As you understand, the real winners of the Philippine elections are the Filipino voters who make a real and pure vote. They are the winners because they win themselves and make a vote that they can honor and value for life.

However, we can only experience actual victory when the leaders we elected will lead our nation into real progress. And that would only be determined during their terms or after their terms are ended. Hence, be both an honest and a wise voter.

Let honesty help you win at the moment you are making your vote. Let knowledge, wisdom and intelligence help us win afterwards.

Remember that our war and battles to raise our country to the top don’t end just after the winning candidates are announced. Our battle continues as long as we see Filipinos who are suffering from poverty, injustice, corruption and other things that hinder our lives to become better.

Check out the updates and results of senators who win the May 13, 2013 national elections.

Victorino Abrugar is a retired CPA practitioner, a blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He's the President of Optixor, Inc., a digital marketing company based in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter at @viclogic.


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    The commission removed 238,557 overseas absentee voters from the voters’ list after failing to manifest their intention to vote. Out of about 915,000 overseas voters, more than 200,000 had not voted in two preceding elections and were sent notices; only 29 replied and were not removed from the voters’ list.

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